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Headshot photography

The art and impact of headshot photography...

What is headshot photography?

Headshot photography focuses on capturing a person's face in order to and upper body with the goal of capturing their personality, professionalism, or character.

Headshots are typically framed shoulder up but can be framed chest up as well. If a photo is taken full body or waist-up then it is more-so of a portrait.

There are different types of headshots, but they all share one goal. Good headshots convey confidence and approachability and are crucial to have as an actor, model, or professional wanting to make a strong first impression. A good headshot is a vital networking tool on social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Effective headshot photography requires an understanding of certain tips and tricks of lighting, background, focal length, and certain poses for headshots.

Overall, headshot photography is more than just about close-up photos; it's about capturing an image that communicates the essence and character of the individual.

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