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Imaginated (v.) – an imagination that becomes reality.

Our goal at Imaginated.com is to inspire digital-age artists and creators in business, artistry, and mind through educational content in the form of blogs, guides, downloadable content, case studies, and videos.

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What is a Digital-Age Artist and/or Creator?

A digital-age artist and creator is simply someone who “creates” in the digital era. Whether it’s a photographer, painter, content creator, Instagram influencer, videographer, makeup artist etc.

In today’s digital age, not only do artists have to be good at their craft, but they need to know how to navigate and promote themselves successfully across all the digital platforms.

Today, you can have less experience than a seasoned artist but get more clients than them because you have a large social following. Knowing how to market yourself through these digital and social platforms has become more important than ever as an artist and will only continue to increase in importance.

We are bridging the gap between these generations, educating the modern-day artists and creators on how to improve their craft and stay motivated, while also providing the latest marketing and business tips to succeed in the digital world.

Who is Nate Torres?

nate torres

Nate Torres is the founder of Imaginated.com, a photographer, and recognized enterprise digital marketing consultant.

After working as a full-time enterprise SEO consultant with top companies such as Allstate, Bill.com, and Web.com, he created Imaginated.com to combine his two passions of photography/art and growth marketing.

His goal is to inspire all the artists and creators out there who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve due to a lack of marketing and business knowledge — and vice versa for business professionals who want to get in-touch with their creative side.

Imaginated.com also serves as Nate’s photography site where he promotes his own personal photography services.

“Nate is one of the most professional and thorough marketers that I’ve ever worked with. His clients (and his team) love him and it’s easy to tell why: he has an infectiously relaxed positive attitude that draws a stark comparison to his immaculate work quality. Over my years as a marketing leader, it’s rare to find these two wonderful qualities in the same person.”

— Brendan Hufford – Founder of SEO for the Rest of Us