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Our blog, Imaginated.com is a digital media publishing platform dedicated to inspiring creatives in business, artistry, and mind through educational content in the form of blogs, guides, downloadable content, case studies, and videos.

We do this by ensuring our authors have credibility in the article they are writing about, this way you can gain first-hand knowledge from credible individuals.

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Whether you’re a photographer, painter, content creator, Instagram influencer, videographer, musician, makeup artist, podcaster etc. — we want to hear from you and gain insight into your professional and personal journey.

Our goal is for our contributors to tell their story and journey to educate and inspire others.

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Artists, creators, journalists, experts, thought-leaders, individuals — we accept them all. In order to maintain a certain quality we want to uphold, we have certain requirements, but you can find them on our requirements page (coming soon).

If you have a story to tell or a unique perspective to share regarding creative entrepreneurship, we want to hear it.

You’ll find pieces and articles by independent writers from around the world covering the topics of business, artistry, and mind. Our list of contributors is growing each day — do you want to be one of them?


  • July 2022 – Imaginated.com acquired PresetsGalore to further enhance their mission to be a top resources for creatives.