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nate torres

Hi, my name is Nate Torres, and I’m a professional portrait photographer, content creator, and founder of Imaginated.

I’ve been building this photography blog since 2021, but I have been photographing and writing for over 10 years now!

In the early days, I started writing photography articles to learn more about photography and to give myself a consistent reason to go out and take photos.

They say that if you want to learn a new skill, writing and teaching about what you’ve learned can be helpful.

I took that advice to heart, and that’s how Imaginated was eventually born!

Now that I’m a professional photographer, I write to share insights I’ve learned with other photographers while keeping my own photography knowledge sharp with the latest techniques and concepts.

I chose the name “Imaginated,” as a playful blend of “image,” “imagination,” and “created.”

As photographers, we have the ability to capture what’s in our minds and put it into an image, where our imagination meets the lens of reality.

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When I was first learning photography 10+ years ago, photography blogs and resources existed, but the experience I had was not optimal.

I found the information was very scattered, it was written by authors who weren’t particularly credible and “in the field” working with clients, and oftentimes was written in a way that was way too complex for beginners.

To solve the issue of scattered information, I am committed to organizing our categories, pages, and posts in a way to act as a streamlined educational photography resource. This organization can help photographers learn about a certain photography topic from A to Z.

To solve the issue of credibility, I only write on particular topics or concepts after I’ve had experience with them in a professional setting. I believe this firsthand experience allows me to bring a level of depth and insight to my writing that might not be available to authors who aren’t actively engaged in the field. By doing this, I can share not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical insights and nuances that arise from real-world professional photography.

To solve the issue of complexity, I’m a strong believer in the Feynman Technique, popularized by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman. The Feynman Technique is based on the idea that if you can’t explain something in simple terms, then you don’t fully understand it yet. With that being said, my goal with Imaginated is to be the #1 photography blog that explains concepts in a simple yet in-depth way, understandable by beginner, amateur, and professional photographers alike.


  • July 2022 – Imaginated.com acquired PresetsGalore to further enhance the mission to be a top resource for photographers.