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Camera parts

Learn about the different camera parts and how they work together to help you capture the best images possible...

Camera parts

A camera is composed of many different parts that allow you to capture your images. Each part serves a specific function.

Hot shoe

A hot shoe is the mounting point located on the tops of most cameras and is designed to fit and accommodate various accessories. Typically though, it's used to attach an external flash unit like a speedlight, but it can also support other accessories like external microphones, GPS units, and more.


The viewfinder is another essential part of a camera and is the part of the camera you look into to see your image. There are two types of viewfinders.

The first type is an optical viewfinder found in most DSLR cameras. The second type is an electronic viewfinder found in most mirrorless cameras.

Without a viewfinder, your only other option to see your frame before taking a picture is the LCD screen on the back of your camera (if your camera includes one). With that being said, the viewfinder is a vital part of your camera.

Camera viewfinder.

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