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Editing light and airy photos in Lightroom

Capture radiance and transform photos into light and airy masterpieces...

How to edit a light and airy photo in Lightroom

1. Setting of your photo

Before diving into Lightroom, it's essential to capture the right setting in the camera.

The mood and style of your image should align with the look you want to achieve. For bright and airy photos, choose well-lit scenes with subjects displaying a cheerful demeanor.

Natural light, smiles, and neutral expressions set the stage for the editing process.

2. Tone curve

Begin your editing journey by adjusting the tone curve. Create a basic "S" curve by lifting the highlights and slightly darkening the shadows.

This softens the image and contributes to the dreamy quality.

3. Basic adjustments

Fine-tune the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks in the Basic panel. Increase exposure slightly to brighten the image, but maintain a soft contrast for that light and airy feel.

4. Clarity and texture

Utilize the Clarity and Texture sliders in the Presence section. To preserve the softness, reduce clarity and texture slightly, giving your photo a smoother, more ethereal appearance.

5. Vibrance and saturation

Vibrance enhances muted colors without oversaturation, while saturation increases overall color intensity. Adjust vibrance and saturation carefully, keeping the look natural and soft. Bright and airy photos often benefit from a subtle boost in color.

6. Color grading

Use the Color Grading panel to adjust the color balance.

Depending on your color scheme, create a harmonious palette that complements your image. For bright and airy aesthetics, consider cooler tones like pastel blues and greens.

7. Filters, effects, and masking

Apply filters and effects to enhance specific areas of your photo. Graduated filters can balance exposure, while radial filters focus on key elements.

Utilize the Dehaze slider for increased clarity in landscapes. Masking allows you to apply adjustments for a cohesive final result selectively.

In conclusion, creating bright and airy photos in Lightroom is about harmonizing your editing choices with the initial setting and mood of your image. Remember that subtlety and balance are key to achieving the desired ethereal and dreamy look.

With these ten steps, you can breathe life into your photos and create stunning visuals that captivate your audience. So, grab your camera and let your creativity soar as you embark on this exciting editing journey.

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