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One of the most important skills a photographer can have is knowledge of composition.

Composition in photography is the art of arranging elements within the frame, crafting visual symphonies that captivate the eye and evoke emotion...

What is composition in photography?

Composition is all about the placement of elements within the frame in a manner in which the final image appears perfect. Therefore, composition in photography means not only the elements that you put in the frame but also its arrangement.

Photography is a visual art and one that is heavily dependent on certain rules and regulations that are devised to capture better compositions. Interestingly the word composition applies to not only photography but also many other forms of visual art, including dance, literature, and the art form of singing.

For the other art forms composition has distinct meanings. When it comes to photography, however, the word composition is all about laying out the elements within the frame in a beautiful way for the perfect picture.

Now, perfection is a relative term, and it has a different connotation for different people. So, what is perfect for you may not be perfect for me, and vice versa. So, I am not going to go into that discussion.

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