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Photography client management

Learn about the managing clients in your photography business and the importance of effective communication...

Photography client management

Photography client management is a crucial aspect of running and maintaining a successful photography business as well as retaining and getting more clients.

Client management involves both effective communication and service delivery. There are many things you can do to keep positive client relationships such as knowing how to properly share photos with clients, considering providing photography proofs, and lots more.

Sharing photos with clients

Knowing how to properly share your photos with clients is important for both security and ease of access. There are various online galleries and cloud services you can use where your clients can view, select, and even download their photos.

Photography proofs

Photography proofs are another important element of client management. Proofs are preliminary versions of photos you send to your client to review before making final edits. This lets the client choose the photos they like before you spend lots of time with editing.

Overall, effective client management not only helps in retaining clients but also in expanding your potential client base through positive experiences and interactions.

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