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What is Fine Art Photography? (42 Examples to Look at)

August 12, 2022 by

In this guide, we’ll be discussing fine art photography and providing beautiful examples of fine art photography.

We’ll be covering the following topics (click on a bullet point to jump to that section):

Table of Contents

What is Fine Art?

Fine art is defined as a piece of art that was created primarily for aesthetic, beauty, and meaning.

Well the question begs, aren’t all pieces of art created for these purposes?

Fine art was distinguished from other works of art whose sole purpose was for commission or utilitarian purposes — that’s the difference.

Back in the day, fine art was mostly seen as painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, and music.

Today, fine art can encompass a lot more mediums of art such as photography, film, printmaking, etc.

With all that being said, how can we define fine art photography?

What is Fine Art Photography?

Similar to the definition of fine art — fine art photography is photography focused on the aesthetic, beauty, and meaning.

While a fine art photographer may choose to sell their works of art later, it isn’t the commission or utilitarian aspect that the photographer focuses on when setting out for a fine art photograph.

Fine art photography often revolves around the photographer/artist themselves.

Exploring how the photographer sees a scene and how they are able to capture a composition based on how they view the world.

Many fine art photographers also implement a certain color grading technique in post-production that mimics the color grading of classical fine art paintings.

fine art photography

What is Fine Art Portrait Photography?

Now knowing the definition of fine art and fine art photography — what is fine art portrait photography?

Fine art portraits are focused on the photographer’s vision for the final image. Fine art portraits focus on both the photographer and the subject. The photographer is the artist, the subject is his canvas, and the camera is his/her paintbrush — so to speak.

Fine art portraits, similar to fine art photography in general, are often intended for aesthetic, beauty purposes — so many turn into decor and wall art.

42 Examples of Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Portrait Photography Examples

fine art portrait photography
fine art portrait
fine art portrait lady with paint on face
fine art portrait guy standing in water
fine art portrait photo girl on shelves
fine art portrait photograph girl playing with lights
fine art portrait photo girl with blue eyes

Fine Art Conceptual Photography Examples

conceptual photography fine art girl in black on beach
conceptual photo black spirals
conceptual photo guy face on flower
conceptual photo makeup running from face
conceptual fine art dancer
conceptual fine art photo guy on airplane
conceptual fine art photo landscape

Fine Art Still Life Photography Examples

fine art still life bowl of cherries
still life fine art cherries by vase
fine art still life chess piece
still life fine art photo skull
fine art still life books
still life fine art image book on chair
fine art still life photo sand timer

Fine Art Landscape & Nature Photography Examples

fine art landscape image
landscape fine art photo lake
landscape fine art photo trees on lake
fine art landscape photo sun in between trees
fine art landscape photo black and white sand
landscape photo fine art
photo landscape fine art

Fine Art Architectural Photography Examples

fine art architecture
architecture fine art corridor
fine art architectural skyscrapers
architecture fine art
architecture fine art windows on building
architectural photo fine art spiral stairs
architectural photograph fine art example spiral staircase

Fine Art Street Photography Examples

fine art street photography guy walking in light
street photography fine art purple orange city
street photography fine art example train station
street photography fine art sunset between buildings
street photo fine art sunset over skyline
street photo fine art photography taxi car
fine art street photograph man in rain black and white

How do You Do Fine Art Photography?

How does one set out to create a fine art photograph?

As mentioned, fine art photographs focus on the photographer as the artist and capture an image that reflects the photographer’s view.

So in order to capture a fine art photograph, have a vision or an idea of what you want to capture, then set out to capture it within your image.

It all begins with an idea, message, or emotion.

It is then transformed into a photograph through composition, a subject, lighting, and post-production.

If you are getting stuck, it’s always good to reference examples of fine art photography to gain inspiration — such as the examples listed above.

Fine Art Photography Tips

1. Get Inspiration

The first tip is to get inspiration from a source.

This could be by looking at fine art photography examples such as the ones above, watching a movie, looking at old paintings, etc.

Every action begins with a source of inspiration, how you choose to get that inspiration depends on your preferences.

2. Creativity

The second fine art photography tip is to tap into your creative side.

What does it mean to be creative

This will allow you to think outside the box and look at approaching your photoshoot from a different perspective.

Check out our guides on What it Means to be Creative and Reasons Why Creativity is Important for Success.

3. Plan

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

It’s important that after you get inspiration for a shoot, that you then plan out how you will accomplish capturing the image.

Where will the setting be? Who will be the subject? What camera will you use? What time of day?

All of these questions and more will need to be answered in order to prepare for the photoshoot.

4. Use Shooting Techniques

The fourth tip is to use shooting and composition techniques that can enhance a fine art and creative look.

Such techniques include using motion blur, rule of thirds, bokeh, leading lines, etc.

5. Color Grading

The fifth tip is to use color grading techniques to further enhance the fine art image of your photograph.

Many fine art photographers take inspiration from the color harmonies used in classical fine art paintings.

If you want to take your fine art photography to the next level, it’s important that you are educated on the different color harmonies such as complementary, analogous, triad, etc. and that you learn some basics of color grading.

color wheel example
color wheel

To further explore fine art photography tips, we also recommend this video by Serge Ramelli:

How Much Money do Fine Art Photographers Make?

The salary of fine art photographers varies widely.

$14K to $383K a year according to recent stats from Comparably.

Since most photographers are sole business owners and entrepreneurs in their own right, the only ceiling they set is for themselves in terms of money potential.

Check out all the ways you can make money as a photographer.

Final Remarks

We hope you enjoyed this guide on fine art photography. Good luck and go out and try some of these tips!