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10 Instagram Tips for Photographers

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Written By Nate Torres

The modern world of instant camera and telegram, better known as Instagram, has always been an open avenue for up-and-coming photographers to promote and showcase their craft.

Tagged as one of the world’s top and most popular social media platforms in today’s mobile-driven era, Instagram has been used not only for personal interest to communicate among friends and colleagues. But also by professionals to gain business advantage.

It has become a digital place not only for the commoner and the famous but also for marketers.

Instagram is an online platform free for everyone that can be useful in effective and practical ways no one has ever imagined before.

Whether you’re already or want to be part of this growing community, there are guides one must keep in mind geared towards not getting lost in securing a valuable and guaranteed spot in this online platform.

Below are the ten marketing/Instagram tips for photographers that we highly recommend if you’re looking to achieve that Instagram-worthy kind of milestone as a beneficial addition to your journey as an innovative lensman.

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1. Knowing the Platform and Getting Started

After hitting that download button and installing the application to kick off everything, make time to have an overall idea of how Instagram works to maximize all its features.

Decide on setting up first a personal account or business one right from the get-go.

Then start working on your profile which includes your username, your display picture, and your business bio.

It must contain all the necessary information to give customers a preview of what you can offer and how they can reach you.

Make everything simple.

But engaging enough to make customers consider you to be their first choice when looking for a professional to work within your field.

Set up to impress only through that 150-word bio, an online profile that can be eye-catching enough to gain followings.

2. Recognizing your Audience

Instagram is free for all ages, but studies show that young adults ages 18-29 are mostly into this platform.

As a photographer, it is vital to know who your audience is to play the right cards to suit their preference. Market your brand to attract this range of potential customers.

We are currently in this period of Generation Z when what looks great to someone might influence others’ perspectives towards something.

You are there in the first place because and for the people. And will continue to do so for as long as you can deliver the best craft while serving it to the appropriate audiences.

target audience
know your audience

3. What and When to Post

A photographer will always have tons of amazing pictures up on their archive, but you won’t want to bombard Instagram with every shot you have taken just for it to be an open online gallery of your works.

Your followers won’t be amazed about that, but instead, choose the exceptional ones on your sleeves and fascinate your followers with your abilities.

Always exhibit original and unique contents that will make your followers engage while incorporating new and effective styles along the way.

The right timing will always bring the best engagement, post regularly but not too often. Create a posting schedule and stick with it. Let your followers feel your presence and look forward to every time your content is up on the feed.

Consider your location because your time zone can answer when is the right time to post based on the kind of audience you have.

To further explore the subject of the “best” time to post on Instagram, we also recommend this video by Brie Kirbyson:

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4. Use the Right Captions and Hashtag your Way to Top

Include captions as astounding as your photos. Lure the audience using words and relatable pieces of information.

Captions that are always on point and will capture attention. Make it short but something with depth that can explain what your photo is trying to convey.

Let people find you through your hashtags.

Always aim to use hashtags that will have a better chance to be on the top list of trending topics.

Think of keywords that people in the community will potentially search for while being unique and not trying to use popular yet common ones.

Be updated and continue to search for the most relevant, then recreate and make it your own.

And lastly, make sure to put them at the end of your captions and limit it to achieve organized content.

To further explore how to use hashtags correctly, we also recommend this video by Adam Ivy:

How To Use Instagram Hashtags In 2021 | 5 Minute Masterclass

5. Make the Most out of the Platform and Be Resourceful.

Make the most out of the other Instagram features. Market using IG stories, reels, IGTV, and even through links that can help you reach more followers.

Post professionally but let your audience see what’s going on behind every piece of content.

Share the previews and take them with you as you go through the whole process.

Seize every opportunity to get them involved and gain additional attention.

Always think outside the box. Of course, Instagram itself offers a wide variety of elements you can use but don’t rely purely on what’s inside the platform and instead use other available resources to improve your content.

You can use tools that can help make a transparent background and other photo editing tools to bring additional creativity to your work.

6. Be Creative But Stay Consistent with Your Feed

Everything will always boil down to the heart and soul of your account, and that is your feed.

Create and achieve a look that is consistent in theme, appearance, and flow.

Not being consistent is one of the main reasons people unfollow on Instagram.

Build your own strong visual identity on how your followers will foresee your works using a consistent aesthetic, but don’t restrict your account only to a specific genre that the audience might find boring in the long run.

Be creative in using different styles but not at the expense of ruining your feed.

Find inspiration from the works of others who already made a name for themselves and experiment on how you can incorporate it into your own.

Creativity is the key to gaining followers, but they will never hit that unfollow button if your feed remains harmonious and consistent.

consistent instagram feed
consistent Instagram feed

7. Follow People and Gain Followers in Return

The more people you follow, the better the chances they will do the same in return.

Start by being connected with the people you know and let them spread the word into their connections.

Connect bridges through your past, present, and future clients, and start tagging them in your post.

Go through and follow accounts of people with the same interest as you or personalities who inspire you and your craft.

But never consider following random people and then unfollowing them after you get the favor.

It’s unethical and is a big turn off especially since you are new to the community.

Having a strong following will help your account get noticed.

It will be a big boost in acquiring potential clients, referrals, and even job offers from prestigious brands and institutions that might find your work very interesting.

8. Interact and Get Involved

Now that you have grown your following, initiate the first move and create an engagement using a solid marketing strategy.

Ask questions, do surveys, and share your stories and experiences. Be part of a community that shares the same passion as yours and be friends with your co-influencers.

Give valuable knowledge because you will also gain one or two from them.

Be open to conversations and interact with everyone who tries to communicate with you. Never leave a comment hanging or your followers waiting.

Always find time to answer questions and show appreciation. Leave feedback and return the same gestures to other accounts as well.

9. Identify your Competitors

There are billions of users worldwide on Instagram, and hundreds are within your zone.

Strike first before they can even make a move. Know who your direct competitors are and closely examine what they offer.

Be posted on what is working for them and how you can use those to improve your brand.

Maximize on the things you think you’re better at and on which your competitor has a disadvantage.

Try to engage among their followers and explore other accounts that can also become potential customers.

Make it a healthy competition, but always be one step ahead of everyone.

10. Enjoy Instagram

Being on Instagram is fun only if you enjoy what you’re doing. Act professionally but do things lightly. Let the fun vibes reach your audience, and your content excites them.

Believe in your abilities, and don’t limit your boundaries. Push yourself but not too hard to deliver what the audience expects from you and what your audience deserves.

Explore, make friends, create great memories, and always enjoy the process.

When a photographer ventures into business and does not consider social media as a venue for their crafts, they’re missing a huge opportunity to show a large audience what they can offer and also a way to promote their business.

Your talent in photography by itself will bring you places, but you still need digital platforms like Instagram to reach even further destinations.

Let the wonders of social media do the necessary works to market your business all for free. All you need to do is set up that account and follow the above Instagram tips.

Welcome to Instagram, #Igers!

What is the best way to use Instagram as a photographer?

The best way to use Instagram as a photographer is to showcase your portfolio in a consistent and visually engaging way and to engage with your followers and other photographers in your niche by commenting, liking, and sharing other users’ content. By creating a strong and authentic brand on Instagram, you can build a following, attract potential clients or collaborators, and establish yourself as a professional in your field.

How often should I post on Instagram as a photographer?

As a photographer, it’s important to post consistently on Instagram, but not at the expense of the quality of your content. Aim to post at least once a week, or ideally 2-3 times per week, but prioritize posting high-quality images and engaging with your audience over simply trying to meet a specific posting quota.