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Lens-based art education.

Learn photography online for free through written guides, video tutorials, interviews, and more!

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Learn how to use and navigate Imaginated for the best learning experience.

What is Imaginated?

Imaginated is an online platform providing free lens-based art education and tutorials.

Take note!

Lens-based arts include photography and videography.

To learn more about Imaginated and why it was created, check out the About page.

At the moment, we have two main offerings - free photography tutorials and a store.

Free photography tutorials

The first main offering is our free photography tutorials.

You can find these tutorials in the sidebar if you are on desktop and in the mobile navigation drop-down if you are on a mobile device:

Sidebar on desktop on Imaginated.
Sidebar on mobile on Imaginated.

I have organized these tutorials in an order I believe is best if you were to learn photography from the beginning.

The order of sections is as follows:

Under each main section, you will also find parent and child sections. Each tutorial has a checkbox next to it that will allow you to keep track of your progress.

Take note!

The tutorials are constantly being updated with images, videos, and real-life examples, so if you find a tutorial that does not have many examples, it is currently being updated!


The second main offering is the store.

I currently offer free downloadables such as desktop and mobile Adobe Lightroom Presets and Adobe Photoshop Actions.

I am planning on adding paid courses in the future!

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