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Calling all personal brands.

Calling all photographers, painters, content creators, Instagram influencers, graphic designers, videographers, musicians, makeup artists, podcasters, artists (any field), etc.

If you have a story to tell, a perspective to offer, or knowledge to share — the world wants to hear it.

Shape your brand.

Promote thought leadership and define your brand through writing about what matters to you.

Tell your story.

Tell your story and journey to educate and inspire others.

Brand promotion.

Promote your own brand and business in your writing by linking back to your own website passing along SEO benefits.


  • Minimum of 1,250 words
  • Include images throughout post to break up “long walls of text”
  • Images taken by the user preferred (instead of stock photos)
    • Example: If writing a post on how you set up your podcast studio, take pictures of it to support the story and visuals of the article.
  • Only NoFollow(Sponsored) links (must be added in naturally and no gambling, CBD, adult sites, etc.)
  • Content must be high-quality and in-depth with citations of statistics and data to back up claims. No surface level content please.
    • Bad Example: “Motivation is a driving factor for goals.”
    • Good Example: “Motivation is a driving factor for goals.” According to a study by John Smith, it was shown that humans are inherently born with a motivation gene in…”
  • Writing tone should be informational and lighthearted. Tell a story like you are talking to a friend, so feel free to include personal anecdotes as well.
  • There will be an author box that will show at the end of your post so we will ask for a mini bio from you.
  • You agree that your content may be consolidated into another post in the future. We will do our best to keep the links you included on your post when it is consolidated.
  • We reserve the right to have you make edits or choose not to publish the article if it does not follow the guidelines above (rarely happens unless you don’t follow the above points).

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