What is Facebook Jail? Everything You Need to Know (2021)

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facebook jail what is it

What is Facebook Jail?

Facebook Jail is a term used to describe when a user is banned, blocked from accessing their account, or from posting on Facebook. It is not an actual jail.

In 2016, Facebook and it’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, faced backlash after the presidential election for not policing and monitoring their content enough.

With Facebook being a place where there is a strong dissemination of information, some true and some false, they needed a way to further monitor the information put on their platform.

This is one of the reasons “Facebook jail” was implemented.

Facebook Handcuffs

Why Are People Put in Facebook Jail?

People are often put in Facebook jail due to performing spammy behavior on the platform or performing actions that do not comply with the platform’s guidelines.

7 Common Reasons People End up in Facebook Jail

1. Spamming

When it comes to spamming, it can apply to different things such as posting too quickly or sending out too many friend requests.

Posting Too Quickly

You can get flagged for posting too quickly and often. This means posting back to back posts one after the other especially if it’s the same information.

The reason this can lead to a flagging from Facebook is because this is how bots often act.

To avoid this, just leave some time between each post.

Too Many Friend Requests

The other form of spamming is from sending too many friend requests.

If you send too many friend requests, Facebook could see this as a bad thing because once again, this is how bots behave.

Sending out lots of friend requests, especially to people you may not know, can lead to a visit to Facebook jail. The same applies to sending out too many Facebook group requests.

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2. Inappropriate and Explicit Content

The second reason people end up in Facebook jail is due to posting inappropriate or explicit content.

Posting images that are sexually suggestive or nudity on Facebook goes against the community guidelines and standards.

Also avoid posting content regarding self-harm, hate speed, or threats to avoid a trip to Facebook jail.

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3. Posting Flagged Images or Videos

The third reason people end up in Facebook jail is due to posting flagged images or videos.

If Facebook has marked or flagged certain images due to spam or for violating the terms, and you post them in your own posts, this can lead to Facebook flagging you — which can lead to a trip to Facebook jail.

4. Logging into Multiple Accounts at Same Time

The fourth reason people end up in Facebook jail is due to logging into multiple accounts at the same time.

If you login to Facebook using different accounts at the same time, this can trigger a flag from Facebook and can lead to a trip to Facebook jail.

The reason for this is that this is how bots often behave.

It’s recommended that you just use one account on a single device and if you need to have two accounts open at the same time that you use a different device.

Phone and Laptop using Facebook

5. Automated Software

The fifth reason people end up in Facebook jail is due to using automated software.

Using automated software on the platform is a no-no.

Most automated softwares are programmed to automatically like or comment on posts.

With that being said, if you also do these actions manually such as liking or commenting on posts very quickly and in masses, Facebook might think you are either botting or using an automated software.

In either case, both call for a trip to Facebook jail.


6. Fake Accounts

The 6th reason people end up in Facebook jail is due to using fake or imposter accounts.

If Facebook notices you using a fake account due to multiple people reporting your account, then it’s a trip to Facebook jail.

Facebook Login

7. Fraud Payments

The 7th reason people end up in Facebook jail is due to suspicious payments.

If you make a payment using a fraudulent card, Facebook will ban your account and off to Facebook jail you will go.

Man doing credit card payment online

What Does Facebook Jail Look Like?

If you’re in Facebook jail, you will know because you will notice certain new restrictions on your account.

You may or may not receive an email or notification from Facebook and it is only when you try to perform certain actions that you will get a notification.

facebook jail example

How do You Know If You’re In Facebook Jail?

Such actions include but may not be limited to:

  1. Not being able to post on your timeline, on other pages, or groups
  2. Not being able to “like” on other’s posts or picture
  3. Not being able to comment on other’s posts or pictures.
  4. Being blocks from accessing your own page or account

This can be a major pain especially if you run Facebook groups and if you use Facebook as a part of your business — especially if you didn’t know you did anything wrong.

With that being said, how do you get out of Facebook jail?

How Do You Get Out of Facebook Jail?

So okay, you’re in Facebook jail maybe by accident or because you did violate some of their guidelines — how do you get out of it?

When it comes to getting out of Facebook jail, there are three options.

1. Serve Your Sentence

The first way to get out of Facebook jail is to just “serve” your sentence. In other words, just wait it out.

If you are in Facebook jail, as mentioned, you will receive a notification if you try to post on your timeline or anything of the sorts that will say your actions are restricted. Within the notification it should also state how long you will be restricted.

If you are only in “Facebook jail” for a day or two then it might be best just to wait it out. But let’s say you committed a serious “felony,” and have to be in Facebook jail for a while — then what are your options?

Serve your sentence

2. Appeal

The second way to get out of Facebook jail is to file an appeal.

If you know for a fact that you did nothing wrong, then you can select the “This is a mistake” option in the notification and file for an appeal.

You will receive the result of your appeal via email.

3. Create New Account

The third way to get out of Facebook jail is to create a new account.

This option should be the last resort and only be used if you are in Facebook jail permanently/you are blocked.

This may not be ideal especially if you are running a Facebook group for your business, however, you must have really broken the guidelines to end up in this situation so just chalk it up to a learning experience.

With that being said, if you are in this situation, just make sure to follow the Facebook terms and rules next time to avoid any future hassles.

Facebook Login

How Long Does Facebook Jail Last?

How long you have to “serve” your Facebook jail sentence depends on the type of blocking you received.

You can either be temporarily or permanently placed in Facebook jail. In other words, temporarily blocked or permanently blocked.


If you have been placed in Facebook jail temporarily then you will receive a notification on when your account will be unlocked.

Being temporarily blocked is the lowest level offense when it comes to Facebook jail and these don’t last long, maybe just a day or two.

It is always changing though, so just pay attention to the date it says in the notification when you try to perform a blocked action such as posting on your timeline or commenting on a post.


When it comes to being permanently blocked, it is a more serious and “permanent” situation.

In a less severe form of a permanent block, you may only have some features of the account blocked permanently such as commenting and liking on posts but you could still access other features.

In the most severe form of a permanent block, then this means a complete ban on your Facebook account. It’s a life sentence in Facebook jail.

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How to Avoid Facebook Jail?

The best way to avoid Facebook jail, even in its most minor form is to understand Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

But being realistic, who reads through the whole terms and conditions? With that being said, here is a quick summary of things you should not do:

  • Spam post creations back to back
  • Don’t post inappropriate content
  • Don’t send more than 50 friend requests a day
  • Don’t join more than 10 Facebook groups a day
  • Don’t spam add or tag people in posts or pictures
  • Don’t post spam videos or images such as giveaways
  • Don’t use automated software or scripts to post content
  • Don’t use face accounts

Outside of avoiding these actions, some additional steps to protect your account include:

  • Completing your Facebook profile

Make sure you fill out your profile details so that it is a complete profile.

Check out your page and make sure all the details in the “About” section are filled out and accurate.

  • Verify account via mobile

Verify your account via mobile by adding your phone number to your account. This will show Facebook that you are a real person and not a fake or bot account.

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Final Remarks

We hope you enjoyed this guide on Facebook jail.

Now we’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever been in Facebook jail?


Do you think Facebook jail should even exist?

Either way, let us know in the comments down below.

57 thoughts on “What is Facebook Jail? Everything You Need to Know (2021)”

  1. I used the word d*u*m*b in a comment that I wrote about witnessing a teenage boy jump from a bridge into a river (to swim) on the same day as another young man died doing the same thing on another bridge on our city (and a year after a teenager died doing this). I guess that term is not allowed. My comment was removed and I have a violation in my account. I have also been removed as a moderator for a group. There was no end date in the email sent to me and I am now concerned that one wrong move will mean the loss of 15 years of memories…

    • I was put in fb jail for saying they should of kept them locked up with the criminals about GOP Republican senators that went to go visit the ppl in jail for jan 6 to try and help them… this violates my freedom of speech I wasnt even notifed that I was restricted didnt have the option to dispute it … so hear this FB you’ll be hearing from my attorney…

    • I got 7 days in jail for saying I choked on water 🤦‍♀️ I used the word choked . Facebook is getting to become horrible.

    • I used the word Censorship, got 30 days. 30 minutes Katerina received message saying mt post was within Community Standards, and put my post back up. But still can’t post anything for 30 days. How do you talk to human? Please help me.

  2. Im in Fb jail now because some knuckle-dragger said insulting and aggressive things to me for having a contrary opinion, so I returned the favor. I guess saying that I’d do something unpleasant to him if he ever spoke like that to me in person was construed as a threat; either that or my upstanding fellow citizen reported me. Moral of the story: don’t attempt a political/social/moral debate with classless morons (esp of the MAGA variety). What was I thinking?

    Speaking of Which: Hi, Tim Burnell of Salt Lake City, UT. Just wanted to let everyone know that you’re a first class hypocrite who wears the stars & stripes outwardly but has the heart of a Nazi. Cheers!

    Finally, I want to thank Fb for making any kind of meaningful discussion about anything important an impossibility. Way to defeat the very purpose of your existence, you passionless humps.

    • I was put in FB jail for paste a post that was already on FB . How can this be if it was already on Facebook and paste and contact the person who posted it to start out with and they weren’t flag for disinformation. Then was I put in FB jail

    • I got put in Facebook jail for calling out a person spreading Covid misinformation here in Florida.

      What burns me is all the f— bombs posts that we all see daily on posts.

      Also, I guess that spreading Covid misinformation that can endanger people is okay; calling them out is not.

      I am caring for a medically vulnerable person just released from the hospital. Besides her, I am also self isolating to protect her until she can get a booster vaccination.

      If anyone is being harassed, it is my friend and me. We are being held hostage here in Florida by those not abiding by CDC guidelines and spreading misinformation.

  3. I’m in fb jail. I didn’t realize what I posted was didn’t meet standards. I’m sorry for what I wrote. Please forgive me. I was upset that a mother took her childs life. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I was showing sympathy for child only. Can my block be removed.

  4. I was put in Facebook jail for promoting my legal radio show on a legal radio station and just letting people know that the program was available to be listened to on mixcloud these people are playing big brother but letting horrible comments on some posts slide thank god that I was around before the internet was even invented this is childish and immature Facebook has no moral scruples if seen some truly horrid things that they haven’t bothered to address that they should have done pitiful they should be ashamed of themselves.

    • I agree. It’s an absolute joke. There’s some absolutely vile things on Facebook and you report it and you get “we found that this content doesn’t go against our community standards”. I’m sorry, what.

  5. So someone in my camping group posted a funny picture of a blue recliner the guy sits in the chair with a beer pushed a bottom the chair moves like an electric wheel chair ( the pic was a funny meme ) I posted I’d run a few ppl over😇 and next thing I’m in Facebook jail for three days 🤷‍♀️ So ridiculous

  6. I was blocked for 30 days as I bullied a bully!! He is on a specific site and there have been instances when he actually makes fun of people for fifferent reasons!! This time he was mocking a sight impaired person who dictates his comments to the smart phone he has but hasn’t used the correcting device and it all comes out wrong! The times I’ve been blocked is because I defend others being bullied!! Of course, facebook can’t translate Greek so obviously see what I’ve been reported for to understand!!!

  7. I shared a memory from 2019 and now I’m in Facebook jail. I share memories all the time that Facebook says to look back on. Would like to know how long I’m going to be in Facebook jail and what memory that was so offensive that they put me in it

  8. I’m in Facebook jail for three days starting today. I answered a post that my friend sent me. I told him that “if you touch me, I will kill you”! It’s a common phrase that is used all of the time and not deliberate. This is not right by no means.

  9. I swear I can’t even sneeze without being put in Facebook jail. I don’t cuss in my comments (anymore) and I see WAYYYYYY WORSE things said and even when I report them it’s always “fine” yet I’m always being flagged. WHY

  10. I have been improperly jailed multiple times. The craziest was while I am a Marine, and on a Marine Vet page, I called one of my fellow jarheads a “DevilDog” which is a name we leathernecks abide by dating back from world war 1. I was instantly banned for bullying and lost 15 days.

    • I tried to tell my Facebook jail story and this site is telling me that I already posted it. Which is really odd since I’ve never been here..

  11. I’m in FB jail because apparently using the word idiot is bullying and harassment and I got 30 days. Pure ridiculousness. Really thinking about moving to another social media because you never know what will get you in FB jail. They are even going back to posts from YEARS ago and doling out jail time for them. I recently got 30 days for something I posted in 2015!!!! and they also suspended live video for me for 90 days. FB has become fascist, while trying to be the opposite. Especially if you are of the conservative viewpoint, you have a target on your back. If you dont believe what Herr Zuckerburg believes, you are not going to last long.

  12. I’m in fb jail for something I didn’t do..That day I deleted 4 things that came up on my page from a year ago.It was about Trump.That day I posted 1 picture of my father in law and said happy Birthday. They fb said I posted 4 idems that went against policy. I THOUGHT I DELETED NOT POSTED.SAID I BE IN JAIL 30 DAYS.THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN JULY 16TH.NOW I STILL CANT GeIT ON.WHAT A DEAL.

  13. I’m in FB jail for telling that FRAUDITOR ANTHONY EX off. I was responding to comments he made. I DID NOT BULLY or HARASS HIM. I was just EXPRESSING MY OPINION, FREE SPEECH!

  14. I keep getting in Facebook jail for saying the exact same thing as most other people on the same post. A woman kept two dogs out in the heat here in Vegas and they died. Evidently, saying that the same thing should happen to her is hate speech.. 🙄 This is getting insane… Most others said the same damned thing…

  15. I have no idea why ! Or for how long . Who can I contact to find out what I posted that was the reason

  16. I got Facebook jail for a week because I said in a group post about a video game that contains virtual AI humans, that I was going to kill them all. I was quote “inciting violence”, riiiiight…..the bot cops on Facebook in 2021 have gone overboard.

  17. I called someone a moron yesterday and that sad individual reported me to Facebook because he didn’t like the hurty word and I got banned for three days. However Facebook have double standards because they allow things to be posted on there which really shouldn’t be posted ie racist comments about football players after the Euro’s and the people who post them don’t get banned but when I call someone a moron I get banned for it, also I have been on the receiving end of some horrendous abuse in the past on Facebook and they did absolute diddle squat to stop it from happening #DoubleStandards

  18. Someone hacked my personal account and posted a vulgar picture and now I’m in jail. Also my business instagram which is my absolute income has been blocked as well. Absolutely devastated. Facebook has not replied at all! Sydney COVID lockdown and my only income is online and it’s gone.

  19. Was just thrown in fb jail for 7 days for posting a messenger thread of this religious nut who wouldn’t shut up. It was flagged for “sexual activity”, but the screenshot was a image of jesus judging me, and my response underneath of saying i hope the rapture does happen so all the religious psychos can go and we can run the world healthily. “Sexual activity”??? WTF?!

  20. No. I don’t think Facebook Jail should exist. You have people out there that make comments just to get people in Facebook Jail. I believe it is Facebook themselves. If you go back you will find the comment you usually responded to is gone. This is why I joined a class action suit to sue Facebook and have Congress break large tech apart. Break up monopolies and fine and penalize any social media that interferes with the First Amendment. It was here before you. You not playing with in it’s guidelines.

  21. He’s got like someone posted a picture of a huge naked woman laying in a recliner. And I reported it they said it did not go against their standards. I posted a picture of a Mexican man just showing his butt crack and they put me in jail.

  22. I have been put in Facebook jail for defending myself too! Someone disparaged me for saying I was a bad Grandmother because all my kids and grandkids were vaccinated and they did nothing to that person! I think they pick and choose who to go after and my freedoms of speech is being violated! And another was for saying a Representative who brought a gun on a plane should be banned from flying. Anybody else would have been! Just who are these Facebook banners!

  23. I was warned because a friend asked about shoes, I replied with a picture of the shoes I liked, with a link to the website…..Totally harmless! I disputed it and got the bot response that no one’s there to solve the dispute, then closed it! What’s the point of disputing anything then? I get that same response to EVERY dispute, come on Facebook, your people are back to work!

  24. I got put in FB jail for 3 days because I copied and pasted a meme from another user. The meme said “It’s not a pandemic it’s an IQ test”. This meme is still on my friends FB page and she did not go to FB jail for this meme but I did??? I got put in jail the week before for one day and they never even told me why. Only that my comment went against Community Standards but I have no idea what I said. Have a friend that was in FB jail for 3 days and they came across another comment he made that they didn’t approve and he got put back in FB jail for 7 days while he was already in FB jail. Can’t someone else come up with a great social media site where our first amendment right… the right to free speech!!!!

  25. I was blocked my Facebook without my notice. It was my son who was holding d phone. I later realised I have bn blocked. I thought Facebook will unblock me themselves cos I knew nothing about how to go about it. After 31 days without using Facebook I realised I have bn permanently blocked n I’m just loosing it. I have bn sad throughout. I can’t afford a new phone now n this is very sad for me. Is there anyway Facebook can lift this ban on me n allow me to either use my old account or let me create a new one.

  26. I’m in facebook jail. I am on several yards sale pages and in order to get things sold on these pages, I tag members that I think are interested. Everybody does it. Apparently that is consider spam and I have been in jail before but it usually lasts less than 24 hours. This time it has been 2 days. It’s so frustrating! I don’t see a way to contact anybody. When I try to post I get a message that I have been limited on what I can post. How do i navigate this? All of these facebook pages that I am on do this all day long and it just seems that I am continuously breaking these silly rules. Help!

  27. Anyone know what happens when you come out of jail? My wife was blocked for three days about ten days ago and still can’t post. She posted a copyrighted video on one of her pages and ALL of her pages have been blocked ever since

  28. This is my 3rd 3-day sentence, and what’s really frustrating is after your first one, it feels like you’re on “probation” and Facebook is keeping an eye on you. There was one comment I made that did get a little extreme, so I thought that was fair, but this most recent one is just because I called someone an idiot for thinking an AR-15 is an acceptable hunting rifle…

    Anyone know how long probation lasts? Also, have you guys seen Myspace lately? It’s now a music streaming platform. I’d like to pitch the idea we all go back to Myspace.

  29. I’am in FB Jail- made a remark about dogs that were rescued in a dog fighting ring-sorry-I called the ppl- POS’S-but thanked those that rescued the pooches. Now for how long?? I’am trying to help a woman not to be homeless in OH- so need FB right now-! Never in my life-have I wished anyone harm. Please help.

  30. I’m in Facebook jail as we speak for a bunch of one-sided Facebook bull. I had posted a comment, then went back the next day to see if their were any responses and there was one who used the name calling tactic. Being used to it I decided to report it anyways since there was a mention of a sexual content nature which is supposed to go against community standards. So all I did was report the comment (which I never heard from Facebook’s ruling and not surprised) then I tried hiding the comment but only for it to keep staying up. The strange part was that at one point it wasn’t even allowing me anymore as the “Like Reply More” options under the comment were completely gone. I needed to click on the “More” to hit hide. So guess what? I get sent to Facebook jail for 3 days all the while this poster (more than likely a Facebook employee like they all are) gets to keep up his trash talk comment online. Pathetic and freaking unbelievable!

  31. I was put in Facebook jail for a mistake that I wasn’t aware that changing my birth year because I had it locked for my eyes only. A dating website posted my age and a picture. So I changed my year not knowing you couldn’t do this. It has been over a month and since this was a honest mistake, was wondering how long it takes to be forgiven? I really need messenger too because of my elderly Mother to communicate with my Sister, who is a RN and not near cell tower. Please help me.

  32. I joked with a friend that she should burn her house down because of a giant spider after she made the same exact comment!! I have an absolutely rated G account!. I accidentally hit the button that I agreed with their decision to block me next time I violated their rules because I was so taken off guard by their big warning notifications. Now if I do one more thing I’m blocked??!!. I’m older, not great with technology and no one to help me make a new account. I wouldn’t even know where to start. Shame on you Facebook!!!

  33. I’m in for 30 days for saying something was ignorant. I got put in 2 weeks ago for saying next time I go to the beach I’ll just kidnap you and we can sit on the balcony and take pictures all day. This was to a friend of mine. Before that I got out in for asking my sister to pick me up some white trash bags. Before that I got out in for commenting on my brothers post and asking him to pick up the balloons and trash out of the yard so the baby don’t get one and choke to death on it. I appealed them all and it said they still went against community standards for violence hate speech or bullying. I hate Facebook

  34. In FB jail now for committing a crime in 2019 that wasn’t a crime then but is now. Evidently no grandfather clauses. 28 days, appealed, but my profile, etc has been removed. Due to that my family/friends worried. Be nice if FB could at least mark the account as “in jail” or “suspended “

  35. Saw somebody said that another person was an effing a hole. I said what kind of idiot talks like that? I got banned for 30 days

  36. I’ve been into FB jail several times and over the course I’ve come to a few conclusions. 1) savvy assholes on FB have discovered that they can weaponize the complaint system to effectively silence people and their opinions by baiting conversations and then feigning bullying. 2) FB appears to be using offshore workers who are non-native English speakers to manage their complaint system owing to the fact that the reviewers appear to have little knowledge of Anglo-American cultural idioms. Consequently ignorance defaults to unsupported claims of bullying. 3) The idiots who came up with the jail system failed to create a way to reverse the jail sentence when an appeal is won (which has happened to me at least twice). So they message that they reversed their decision, but still leave you in FB jail.

  37. I’m currently in FB jail since yesterday for 30 days. The algorithm said bullying.
    I commented on another post on how we would be stuck with “cameltoe hoe” if Biden were removed from office due to his obvious ineptitude!
    I don’t see it as bullying! i see it as truth seeing as how Kamala is also inept at her job and it’s common knowledge she has basically done personal favors for men of power and position to get where she is!
    Facebook hates the truth. Especially from Conservatives!


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