Beyond The Art of Headshot Retouching Tutorial

Comprehensive Photoshop course on headshot retouching
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17 Videos (7 Hours of Education)
Entire Retouching Process
Raw Files for Practicing
Photoshop Action Files
Photoshop Brushes File
Beyond The Art of Headshot Retouching Tutorial is a comprehensive Photoshop course that covers a wide range of topics including color theory, face expression, and body language, the importance of makeup, retouching before and after, tablet use, and creating a retouching to-do list. The course also delves into Photoshop workspace, tools, and actions, as well as color space for retouching and clients. You'll learn about general cleaning using the Healing Brush Tool, dodge and burn techniques, and enhancing eyes with the use of layers and specialized brushes. Additionally, the course covers sharpening, color balance, contrast, saturation, hair and clothing fixes, vignette, yellow teeth correction, and how to add eyelashes. You'll also learn how to achieve face and body symmetry. By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to create stunning headshot images that will impress your clients. Includes: - 17 Videos (7h) - 4 Videos with Entire Retouching Process - PDF Retouching Tutorial - 4 Raw Files for Practicing - Action File - Brushes File *For Photoshop Users ONLY
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