Is Canva Pro Worth It? Our 2-Year Experience (2022 Review)

In this review, we’ll be diving into Canva Pro, looking at pros, cons, important features, and more.

For those of you already familiar with the Canva software this will be an interesting read.

We are going to review the Canva Pro today.

And while we are doing so, we are going to try and find answers to some of the key questions that every user asks when they are presented with new design software.

We are going to find answers to questions like is Canva Pro worth the money?

What are the advantages of Canva Pro and whether the software is suitable enough for professionals to try out?

But before we get into answering those questions let me introduce Canva Pro to those who are already familiar with Canva as well as to those who are going to see the software for the very first time.

Canva Pro Review Summary

Image Taken from Canva

All things said below I felt Canva Pro is not a replacement for advanced photo and video editing software.

For designers who love to build things from scratch, the templates can often be more of stumbling than a platform to run with an idea.

Plus, I find the video animation options limiting and lacked some of the tools that I would have preferred to make my presentations and intros a bit more interesting.

I lacked the controls that I have when using other dedicated video and photo editing platforms.

But then realistically, Canva Pro is not meant to be a replacement for more advanced video tools.

Nor is it meant to be a replacement for photo editing tools like Lightroom or Photoshop or CaptureOne.

It is in no way a match for something like Photoshop which offers a lot more control for a professional and prefers to start with a clean canvas rather than elements that are already pre-filled for her.

This tool should at best only attract users who are looking to create their marketing and promotional creatives and don’t want to engage a professional to do it for them.

It is also suitable for professionals who are mainly doing Instagram, Facebook, poster, and those sorts of creatives.

What is Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is for people who don’t have any prior knowledge of designing.

It is a graphic design tool and a time-saving tool bundled together, for anyone who needs anything professionally designed and would normally outsource the whole task.

Instead with Canva Pro, you can now complete your designing requirements on your own, in double-quick time.

And the best bit is you don’t have to have any prior knowledge of designing or designing software to be able to use Canva Pro.

This is for people like me who are absolute novices when it comes to designing software.

what is canva

What Does Canva Pro Offer?

Canva Pro is a repository of a large number of design templates, premium stock images, fonts, backgrounds, and file management systems that anybody with a bit of computer knowledge can make us of.

You get more than 420,000 premium templates to choose from, plus 75+ million high-quality stock images, videos, audios, and graphics, plus 3000+ premium fonts and backgrounds and other assets to work on your next project.

Plus, as if that’s not enough you also get a robust file management tool that allows you to create an unlimited number of folders to manage your projects, a design resizing tool, plus a lot more goodies than I can list here.

Sounds interesting?

Just keep in mind that you get all these only with the paid version of the software (the premium version) because the free version is not that generous.

You can still do some interesting stuff using the free version, but the paid version packs in way too many goodies that you can ignore.

Is canva for you

Is Canva Pro Worth the Money?

If you are a single-man entrepreneur and working hard to create a foothold in the online business segment you would love the no-nonsense approach that Canva Pro brings in.

It is extremely easy to operate which for me is the single most important aspect.

For someone like me juggling too many things at the same time, I always appreciate software that has the smallest learning curve.

I believe a piece of software is as good as its interface.

If the interface demands a long learning curve, something like Photoshop for example, then it doesn’t suit someone like me.

I am not discounting the power of Photoshop here but merely saying that it is not for someone like me who may not have the time to learn it.

For users like me, we need faster solutions.

As a single entrepreneur, we need something that we can use to give our ideas a concrete shape in no time at all.

When I started testing out Canva Pro I was very skeptical.

I thought it is going to take me a long time to understand how to work with the templates and work the elements and the backgrounds or how to insert audio and animate the slides and so on.

But I found that it is very easy once you get the hang of things.

Now having used it I can say it doesn’t take more than 5 mins to get your bearing rights and then start enjoying the whole designing process.

canva pro review

How Much is Canva Pro and Is It Worth It?

Canva Pro isn’t worth a huge amount of money.

They offer both monthly and yearly subscription options. Yes, this is a subscription model.

Unfortunately, there is no stand-alone option where you pay once and continue to enjoy for time immemorial.

And that probably brings in the most valid question. Is it worth it?

I am sorry to say that this is not a question that I can answer easily.

It all depends on you and the kind of work that you do and whether Canva Pro fits into that whole cycle.

If you are only going to do creatives occasionally like once every couple of months then probably you are better off outsourcing the work to a designer on Fiverr or Upwork who will charge a lot less than having to pay for the yearly subscription fee.

On the other hand, if your entire marketing is hinged on social media and other electronic platforms and you don’t want to outsource your design work at this point, then Canva Pro makes a lot of sense.

canva pro review

It also makes sense for someone who is a designer by profession and wants to have a secondary designing software that allows her to create simpler marketing and promotional creatives faster.

For her, Canva Pro is a real-time saver and much-needed addition to the overall suite of applications she uses.

Plus, there are additional advantages of using the service.

Let’s say that you regularly need stock photos for designing your marketing materials and creatives and you are paying for that separately.

Canva Pro offers you 75+Million photos, videos, graphics, and audio files for no extra cost.

That means you get two services for the price of one.

canva pro dashboard

What are the Advantages of Canva Pro?

The single greatest advantage of Canva Pro is that designing a creative takes very little time.

From conceptualization to completion of the first draft it is quick and easy.

The sheer number of template choices is what makes the initial base design so much easier.

More often than not you just end up tweaking the images, the colors, and the text, and yes maybe the font and your final design are ready.

Another big advantage of Canva Pro and this is something that only enterprise users will be able to take advantage of is the team option.

You can invite your team members using their email addresses.

Once they are in they can collaborate on the active projects, save their work, and review.

In times like this, a built-in team collaboration tool is a great addition and you don’t have to pay anything extra for it.

Sure, an individual user also has access to this feature but it is meaningless unless you have a team and you are working on multiple projects at the same time.

I love the Magic Resize option very much. This tool is a lifesaver for someone who may not be that alert to the exact size of the creative.

canva resizer

Let’s say you picked the wrong size for your creative. E.g., you wanted to design a Twitter Post but selected a Facebook post in the template area.

Almost at the end of the design, you realize that you picked the wrong template (and therefore the wrong creative size).

Normally, if you were designing using a graphics editor you will have to redo most of the work.

But with Canva Pro you can simply select the right creative type and the design will scale.

Now, that’s what I call convenience.

I have already mentioned the secondary advantage of subscribing to Canva.

It offers a subscription to a repository of 75+ million high-quality stock images, videos, audios, and graphics and an additional 3000+ premium fonts and backgrounds, and other assets to work with.

And that is the hidden benefit of working with Canva Pro.

Do Professionals Use Canva?

This tool should at best only attract users who are looking to create their marketing and promotional creatives and don’t want to engage a professional to do it for them.

It is also suitable for professionals who are mainly doing Instagram, Facebook, poster, and those sorts of creatives.