Photographer Sues American Airlines for “Bomb Scare”

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On October 9, 2021, there was an in-flight disturbance when a passenger mistook a photographer’s camera for an explosive device during the flight:

Plane makes emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport

The photographer is now suing American Airlines for defamation, false imprisonment, and emotional distress among other charges.

The passenger was a female with an infant that was seated next to the photographer.

She raised her concerns to flight attendants yet they made no attempt to speak to the photographer, according to Rolling Stone.

Upon descent into La Guardia Airport, the photographer took the camera out of his bag to take a photo of the New York City skyline, and this is when the woman began yelling.

The disturbance forced the plane to land abruptly and the photographer was detained:

Being photographers, a lot of us travel with cameras. A lot went wrong in terms of communication and how it was handled.

It’s a reminder that if we take out our cameras anywhere during our flight trip and someone is looking at us suspiciously, maybe make it a point to smile and let them know it’s a camera.