I Guess Point and Shoot Cameras Are Dying?

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According to Nikkei, point-and-shoot cameras are dead.

In the article (once translated to English), they stated that the major camera companies have been stopping the development of compact digital cameras.

The market has collapsed to a fraction of its former size. Many claim that the rise in phone photography has been directly related to the decline in point-and-shoot cameras.

I mean, we walk around everywhere we go with a “point-and-shoot camera” that can also browse the Internet, play games with, talk to friends with, etc. It’s easy to see why this is the case.

In 2008, a year after the iPhone, point-and-shoot cameras peaked at 110.7 million camera shipments. In 2021 the shipments declined to only 3.01 million.

Canon hasn’t released a new compact camera since 2019, Nikon stopped developing the “Coolpix” compact cameras, and Fujifilm stopped producing their “FinePix” compact camera line.

Is this truly the death of the compact camera? It’s looking like it, what do you think?