How to Make a Flyer Online (Trends to Follow in 2022)

This is a guide covering how to make flyers online.

Do you want to know how to make a flyer online?

In this article. We will talk about how to make a flyer online and what are the trends you should follow in 2022.

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Online custom flyers: Trends for 2022

This new technological era sees visual communication as the new mode of communication.

The use of colors, fonts, and style can draw the viewer’s attention and make your content stand out.

Today, there are many types and formats of graphics you can use to make announcements, convey information, etc. A flyer is one of the most effective options.

Though they sound ancient, they’re still an effective marketing tool. Nevertheless, in order to yield the desired results, they must be created in a specific manner and follow design trends.

Here’s why this blog post is here; it’ll show you the latest trends for online custom flyers in 2022.

Let’s get right to it.

What is an Online flyer?

An online flyer is a digital graphic containing printed text that advertises an event, product, or service.

Why you should use online custom flyers

There are many benefits to using online custom flyers for your business. The following are a few of the most relevant ones.

Cheap way to advertise

Considering all marketing strategies and types of advertisements, flyers surely represent one of the cheapest methods that even small businesses and professionals can afford.

Boost brand exposure 

Flyers often present branded elements such as colors, logos, fonts, and more that make users able to immediately relate them to your company. Also, if flyers get shared, they’ll work ad booster for brand awareness.

Online custom flyers are easy to make and edit 

Thanks to templates and intuitive drag-and-drop graphic design web-based tools, you can custom flyers online, easily and quickly, even if you do not have any previous designing experience, knowledge, or skills.


Flyers are versatile graphics for the time being since they can be used digitally or in print.

As a result, you can upload them digitally, share them on social media, or print them and display them in shops, or wherever you like.

Perfect to announce events and news

A flyer is one of the simplest and most effective tools for promoting special events and breaking news about your company.

By communicating essential information visually, they can ensure it is memorable and eye-catching.

Easy to measure success 

By including QR codes, specific URLs, and leaflet numbers on your flyers, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

When to use online custom flyers

It is possible to make use of online custom flyers for a variety of occasions. Below are some of the most common ones.

1. Special events promotions

Custom flyers are the perfect marketing tool to promote any special event, holiday, or new opening.

You can describe all the important details of your event, like the time, date, location, and other details, in an engaging and effective manner.

2. Discounts

You can also use flyers to advertise your discounts on occasions of special events, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you want to get even more attention and engagement, you can place promotional and discount codes on your flyers.

3. New openings or product launches

Also, you can use flyers to promote the launch of a new product or the opening of a new shop, for example.

Putting them on the web will give your business the visibility and exposure it requires.

Online custom flyers: 13 trends to follow for 2022

For effective online custom flyers in 2022, you need to follow the latest trends. The following are some of the most relevant design trends. 

1. Minimalistic design and colors

Increasingly, users are inundated with tons of information daily, and catching their attention and interest is more difficult. 

Therefore, many businesses are opting for a minimal design in order to make their content and graphics stand out

. With such a design, users are able to focus on the most important details in your graphic, rather than being distracted by unnecessary details.

If you want to create a minimal design, eliminate all unnecessary elements, keep a clean layout, and utilize white space well.

2. Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes represent one of the trends to watch for 2022 in custom flyers. Graphic elements like circles, squares, rectangles, lines, and more are all parts that users enjoy. 

Therefore, you can use these elements to create an eye-catching and effective online flyer design.

3. Monochrome effects

Monochrome effects are one of the latest trends for online custom flyers in 2022.

Monochrome means not only black and white but also other colors in monochrome.

Although simple, they’re actually effective because they can easily grab users’ attention.

4. Classic fonts

Simple designs are better and more effective than complex and intricate ones, and this applies to fonts as well.

The use of special characters, unreadable letters, no space between letters, and other characteristics that make reading difficult will not give you the results you expect in terms of exposure and engagement.

It will be easier for users to understand and appreciate your content if you use simple, clear fonts instead.

5. Symbols

Symbols enhance the appearance of your content from a visual and functional standpoint.

Symbols provide a convenient way to avoid writing as much text as possible, resulting in a cleaner and more effective overall design.

For example, if you plan to insert a telephone number on your flyer, you may use the symbol of mobile or telephone instead of writing the text.

6. Flat design

Another trend for online custom flyers in 2022 is flat design. 

Flat design is a two-dimensional interface design style that uses simple, bright colors and simple elements.

Therefore, it avoids the overuse of gradients, textures, and drop shadows designed to deliver 3D effects for simpler elements, focusing on typography, flat elements, and flat color schemes.

When you use flat elements, you end up with a simple, but effective design.

7. Collages of graphic and real-life photos

In recent years, a trend has emerged in which real-life photos are paired with simple illustrations, graphics, or texts. Such a mix can be both attention-grabbing and visually interesting.

8. Cyberpunk style

There has been a rise in interest in 90s-inspired cyberpunk over the last few months, especially in relation to fashion, music, and electronics.

The style features glitch and line textures, slab Sans Serifs, and plenty of moody blacks.

The result is a deep, but eye-catching design ideal for flyers for events, promotions, and more.

9. Refined Retro

The power of nostalgia marketing in 2021 still stands, as evidenced by many big brands with changes to their logos and content style, and we expect to see more similar retro-tinted branding in 2022. 

Especially in today’s uncertain world, consumers have shown a preference for nostalgic products and brands that offer emotional reassurance and comfort.

Retro is definitely a trending style that can be incorporated into your online flyer to grab the user’s attention.

10. Optical illusion, surrealism, and parallax effect

A parallax effect and optical illusion are among the online custom flyers trends for 2022. 

Both styles give illusions and impressions about saturated colors and space, and when scrolling, some figures appear closer than visual objects that are farther forth.

It is a style that is neither simple nor minimalistic, but that can intrigue users and make them more likely to pay attention to your content.

11. Oversized elements

In digital and print graphic design, oversized elements – from images to typography – are dominating and will continue to do so in 2022.

Flyers with oversize elements have a higher chance of being noticed and are more likely to get interactions.

You can use this style with fonts, imaginary shapes, and more. 

You can also overlap elements, such as images over text, always making sure that they’re clearly visible and understandable.

12. Bright colors

It has been a trend for online custom flyers to use bright colors for more than a year, and it will continue into 2022.

Vivid colors are more likely to draw your visitors’ attention to your design and give it more impact. 

You can also take advantage of the psychological effect of colors and use them to help you communicate your message.

13. Gradients

Gradients appear everywhere – in backgrounds, in the photo and video overlays, inside images, etc.

Gradient effects can add an original touch to your content design.

Moreover, it is an effect that can be modified and adjusted according to your preferences.

You can, for example, use color and transparency to create a strong or softer effect.

Furthermore, you can combine gradients with real elements such as illustrations and typography.


Here is the conclusion of this blog post about trends for online custom flyers in 2022.

As seen throughout the article, online custom flyers can provide many benefits, including more exposure, in addition to serving as a very low-cost advertisement.

If you want your custom flyers to generate the best results, you must design and develop them according to current trends.

Following the ones outlined in this article will surely help you achieve your goals.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, it was insightful and helpful to you.

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Flavia Silipo is a skilled SEO copywriter and digital marketing specialist with over two years of experience. You can find her on LinkedIn.


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