12 SaaS Marketing Tools You Need To Boost Your Brand (2022)

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Yes, you’ve launched this spectacular product recently. But why aren’t the subscribers coming in?

Most probably it is because no one knows about your product.

That is how important brand marketing is for every business; it helps you sell your services or products.

After all, all businesses intend to generate profit, and brand marketing is a crucial channel to achieve that end goal.

Brand marketing is much more valuable than you might think. Your brand is more than its colors and logos.

And since your brand gives your business its personality, it is actually your business’ entire identity.

What’s the biggest drawback though?

It’s the high cost. Since brands cannot be built overnight, businesses have to dish out huge sums on publicity and advertising.

In short, branding is expensive.

In this light, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model has flourished since its initiation in 2010.

SaaS can bring forth favorable cost savings because it usually resides in a multi-tenant or shared environment, where the software and hardware license costs are cheaper in comparison to the traditional model.

The SaaS market is expected to climb to at least $60 billion by 2023.

There are many software solutions you can choose from that are highly valuable for your brand marketing.

We have compiled some of our favorites and amazing software, and each of these vendors is a spectacular partner to be working with.

By themselves, all the tools in this list are not particularly marketing automation.

There are tools for creating your branding materials, managing and storing your marketing assets, team collaboration, content, and video creation and editing.

Jointly, they provide automation and streamline operation, production, marketing, and sales.

These tools can make your brand marketing a lot easier and more affordable.

You can now grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and discover these game-changing SaaS marketing tools to help you grow your business.

software as a service tools

12 SaaS Marketing Tools You Need To Boost Your Brand

1. Drawtify

Drawtify is an online software for graphic design with layout, vector drawing, typography, and photo editing.

It is free and works on all platforms. It is being used by editors, designers, brand owners, and individuals who need magnificent business graphics.

This tool can be utilized to quickly create wonderful graphics. It is easier and more professional compared to most online design software.

Since it offers rich online resources and several professional design features, Drawtify is one of the best alternatives to InDesign and CorelDRAW.

In particular, Drawtify provides (1) online vector drawing tools, (2) layout tools, (3) photo editing tools, (4) typography, (5) smart filters, (6) graphic design plug-ins, and (7) online animation tools.

drawtify saas

2. Text Blaze

With Text Blaze, you can get more things done and save time by using snippets of text in lieu of common typing tasks.

And if you are tired of typing your signature, you just have to key in the shortcut ‘/sig’ instead and it will be automatically expanded.

If you do not want to keep copying and pasting a form letter that you will be sending out to people, you can just key in the shortcut ‘/letter’ and then the tool will automatically generate the letter.

Here are the top features of Text Blaze: (1) Keyword Replacements, (2) Forms, (3) Autopilot, (4) Previews, and (5) Context Menu.

The Keyword replacements feature allows you to automatically replace the current date, execute date calculations, take in website information, and a lot more.

Forms is a feature that helps you build forms with editable fill fields where you can insert the snippet.

The Autopilot feature allows you to fill out several fields with a single snippet utilizing the tool’s simulated tab key presses; you can even replicate clicks on buttons for the submission of forms.

Previews feature enables you to see each snippet’s substitutions while you are creating it by just clicking the ‘Preview’ tab above the edit field.

And in the Context Menu feature, you can right-click in an input field that will enable you to choose snippets from the tool’s context menu to expand.

There are a lot of other amazing features of Text Blaze so it is better to give it a try.

Just install has a lot of other great features, but it’s time to give it a try.

text blaze saas tool

3. EmailOctopus

Manage and email your subscribers for far cheaper with EmailOctopus.

It is a drag and drop email builder with powerful analytics, bounce/complaint tracking and more.

It has simple, yet powerful tools to grow your business.

It’s easy to use, quick to master and all at an affordable price.

4. Pixelixe

Pixelixe is a graphic designing tool for marketing purposes. You can directly access it for free from your browser.

You can use Pixelixe to design images for your campaigns and for promoting your businesses across different social media platforms, blogs, websites, and other digital channels.

If you are not a designer but want to make graphics just as easily as creating slides, its Studio Graphic tool is perfect for you.

And you can get started even without creating an account or having to register on the platform.

Instead, you can instantly gain access to a comprehensive database of more than 850,000 images and photos, more than 900 Fonts, at least 700 icons, and much more.

The export feature of Pixelixe allows you to export graphics in several file types such as PNG, JPEG, or even HTML.

To start, you have to select from a variety of custom preset graphic dimensions based on your needs.

Then you have to choose the suitable template, make small adjustments to the graphics, and download the image in one click.

Its specific features are the following: (1) Graphic Design Software Features, (2)Transparency Tool, (3) Image Editor, (4) Premium Icons, and (5) Built-in Templates. However, it does not have collaboration and privacy control features.

For the pricing, its cost starts at $8.99 a month. It also offers a Free Plan that contains limited features.

pixelixe saas marketing tool

5. Baseline

With Baseline, users can automate their content creation and their brand presence can be boosted.

It will also provide the users with solid brand guidelines, allowing them to create dependable designs effortlessly.

The main features of Baseline are the following: (1) One-click Branded Designs, (2) Remove Background, (3) Hundreds of Templates, (4) Branded Assets, (5) Stock Photos, (6) Multiple brands screenshot, (7) Upload Your Own Assets, (8) Text Effects, and (9) Free Brand Guide.

Baseline can be used for free that comes with the following basic features: one brand, one brand guide, one download per month, access to all templates, thousands of stock photos, AI-powered background removal, and hundreds of vectors.

You can also subscribe to their Solo offer for $12 a month with the following additional features: unlimited downloads, and free Norde Pro.

Its Professional subscription costs $36 a month with the following additional features: 3 brands, 3 brand guides.

Lastly, it has a Business subscription for $120 a month for 10 brands and 10 brand guides.

baseline saas marketing tool

6. Moovly

Moovly is a site for video creation.

It enables students to make, edit, and share video content all in one platform.

Moovly is cloud-based, meaning numerous individuals can work together on the same video regardless of their respective locations, or students can work on it at school and complete the creation as homework.

moovly saas marketing tool

7. Removal.AI

Removal.AI is software for Photo Editing.

It provides these functionalities: (1) Automatic Image Background Removal, (2) Photo Editing, (3) Text Tools, (4) Change Background, (5) Image Size Options, and (6) Bulk Image Processing.

This platform is used in removing image background through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

You just have to select an image and the software will automatically clean off the background of the photo.

You can then preview your image and download it according to your requirements.

Individuals make use of this software, along with professionals, and small and medium companies.

removal.ai saas marketing tool

8. Icons8 Mega Creator

Mega Creator is another online software for graphic designing.

Here, you can make your own clipart through the use of high-quality icons, photos, illustrations, backgrounds, and AI-generated faces.

You can begin creating from scratch or select from different social media templates for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

And there are still many additional ready-to-use templates to come.

You can use this tool for free.

You can make collages and export files at no cost if you upload your personal images or Mega Creator’s assets acquired through a paid subscription to any of its graphic assets products that include Illustrations, Icons, Full Set, and Photos.

icons8 mega creator saas marketing tool

9. Filecamp

If you want to organize, share, and distribute any of your digital media files, Filecamp is the platform for you.

This is a solution that is easy to use, allowing you to deal with your digital assets immediately and making sure that they can be accessed.

This tool further assists you by labelling and tagging capabilities that help you and the rest of the users in finding exactly those files that you need. Also, it allows you to seamlessly browse your digital assets.

Your files can be arranged according to various themes, making it easier and quicker to get to your needed image just by looking at the theme of your folder.

There are also custom thumbs that you can use as visual indications to your folders and files.

In particular, Filecamp offers the following features: (1) Granular Access Control, (2) Folder Themes, (3) Image Collections, (4) Keywords & Tags, (5) Automatic Tagging, (6) File Labels, (7) Search & Find, (8) Share & Distribute, (9) Custom Pages, (10) Custom Thumbs, (11) File Links Request, (12) Download Options, and (13) Online

filecamp saas marketing tool

10. Google Drive

One of the most used cloud-based storage solutions is Google Drive.

It enables you to save your files online that you can access anywhere from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Google Drive allows you to securely upload any files and edit them online using your mobile device or computer.

It also makes it easier for other users to collaborate and edit files.

google drive saas marketing tool

11. Slack

One of the best messaging apps for business is Slack.

This app connects people to their needed information.

Slack bridges people together for them to work as an integrated team, thus, revolutionizing the way the organization communicates.

In Slack, work is integrated into dedicated spaces which are termed as channels.

These channels bring the right information and people together for any topic, project, or team.

In contrast to email, the discussions in channels are centered on specific topics, so you can just join and leave these channels as needed.

slack saas marketing tool

12. Trello

This collaboration tool, Trello, helps you organize your projects into boards.

In just a brief look, Trello will tell you what project is being worked on, who is working on which project, and where a project is in a process.

Just think of a whiteboard that is filled with listings of sticky notes and each of the notes is an assignment for you and your team.

Trello is a wonderful tool that you can use to manage and collaborate with team members on tasks and work projects.

Trello’s Kanban boards are visually an organizational delight.

You can fill up a lot of details into each card, and the tool will inform you as to who is working on what at a specific time.

trello saas marketing tool

Try these tools out!

So that parts of your work become hassle-free and stress-free, you can start using the above 12 tools particularly for your brand marketing or you can choose which one works best for you.

In doing so, you can save time, effort, and energy. In the process, you can expect to catch and reach prospective clients and improve your business.


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