15 Chalk Art Ideas: Chalk Drawing Ideas (2021 Ultimate Guide)

In this guide, we’ll be diving into 15 Chalk Art Ideas: Chalk Drawing Ideas (2021 Ultimate Guide)

Let’s dive in.


Chalk art is a great way to spend time and decorate your walls with paper and chalkboards filled with chalk drawings when you know how to draw with chalk.

You can also use chalk art ideas to draw on the sidewalk or concrete.

Chalk is a great medium, and you can use thick or thin chalk, chalk pencils, or chalk markers to draw beautiful artwork.

However, you may hit a wall when thinking about chalk art ideas to draw yourself or for your kids.

The chalk art ideas in this guide are versatile and perfect for kids and adults to try.

From a sunny day at the beach to your very own beanstalk, you’ll find everything and anything in the chalk art ideas.

Chalk Art

What is Chalk Art (Definition)?

Chalk art is when you use chalk to draw or sketch on paper, concrete, or sidewalk.

There are different chalk mediums like thick and thin chalk, chalk pencils, chalk pastels, and chalk markers.

You can use whichever medium you want, and they all come in different brands.

While chalk comes in three primary colors, white, black, and red, nowadays, different colored chalks are available in the market, and you can use them to learn how to draw with chalk.

Chalk is a popular item in preschools where kids draw on blackboards to draw the basics of drawings.

Moreover, there are professional chalk artists who draw realistic 3D images with plain old chalk.

What is Chalk Art

How to Draw with Chalk on Paper?

You can draw with chalk on any paper, and it’s common to use white chalk on black paper.

You can also use chalk pastels and draw and blend the colors to get the desired shading effect in your drawing.

Chalk is a versatile medium, and it works great on paper. You can use regular chalk if you want that dusty, chalky effect, or you can use chalk pencils.

If you wish to sharp, clean lines, you can use chalk markers on paper.

Draw with chalk on Paper

How to Draw with Chalk on Concrete

Chalk works well on concrete, and chalk often has colorants that stain clothes and hands.

As a result, the pores on the surface of the concrete will absorb the chalk colors so that chalk will stay on the pavement.

However, chalk doesn’t last long and will fade away after 5-10 days.

You can draw just about anything you want in chalk art ideas on the concrete. You can also use water to add vibrancy to the chalk art.

To do this, take a broad brush and dip it in water. Then, brush it with even strokes onto the chalk drawing.

Your chalk art will come alive.

Draw with chalk on Concrete

How to Draw with Chalk on Sidewalk?

You can decorate the sidewalk in your home with chalk art ideas.

You can draw whatever you want and in whatever colors to add an artistic flair to the bleak sidewalk.

If you want the colors to be vibrant, you can fill a few cups with water and take thick chalk of different colors.

Take one chalk and dip it in water for 10 seconds. Then, use it to draw. It will look like wet paint, and the colors of your chalk art ideas will be very vivid.

Draw with Chalk on Sidewalk

15 Chalk Art Ideas: Chalk Drawing Ideas

When starting with chalk, it can be hard to think about what to draw on your canvas: paper, sidewalk, or concrete.

But, without a solid idea, you won’t be able to sketch anything. The chalk art ideas below are chalk art for beginners and work well with adults and children.

They are simple, and you can learn the ins and outs of chalk art for beginners. 

Idea 1: Show Your Patriotism

You don’t need to wait for Independence Day to decorate the sidewalk or concrete wall with the colors of liberty.

You can use the colors that make up your flag, e.g., if you live in the US, you can use white, red, and blue chalk to draw the US flag, the Statue of Liberty, and Uncle Sam.

You can also personalize your drawing according to what state you live in and add local landmarks.

You can even draw them on a blackboard and hang them on your fridge. 

Idea 2: The Sun and the Beach

You can draw a smiley-faced sun along with palm trees and the beach with waves from the sea.

You can use blue, yellow, orange, green, and brown and layering for the water and the palm tree. It will add more depth to the drawing. 

Idea 3: Your Very Own Racetrack 

Have you ever dreamed of having a racetrack? Make your dream a reality by drawing a racetrack on concrete.

It’s an excellent activity for kids. You can let them decorate the racetrack with their heart’s desires.

You can add houses, shops, trees, or even a lake to accompany the racetrack. Kids will love racing along with the tracking with toy cars. 

Idea 4: Space & Stars

Fine a slab of black concrete or use black paper to bring the stars to earth. Let your kids loose on the black background.

Please encourage them to make planets they like in colors they like. You can draw stars to show the galaxy, spaceships. You can place toy figurines to show aliens or astronauts. 

Idea 5: Go Festive with Balloons

Nothing says fun and festivity like balloons. You can draw differently colored balloons, errant in the air, or attached to a bike racing away.

You can even draw a circus tent to represent a festival. 

Idea 6: Your Favorite Food

Food drawings are a good exercise, and you can draw a cartoon version of your favorite food like a taco, pasta, or pizza.

You can draw them suspended in mid-air or organize them skillfully around a dinner table. 

Idea 7: Holiday Fiesta 

You can draw pumpkins with spooky white ghosts for Halloween. Moreover, you can also draw a haunted house with tall towers.

You can show the figure of a witch soaring through the sky in front of a yellow moon.

Similarly, you can draw Santa and his elves making presents or filling the blackboards with red, white, and green at Christmas.

You can do the same for other international and local holidays.  

Idea 8: Flowers Everywhere 

You can encourage your kids to draw flowers of different types and color them with their imagination.

Flowers are straightforward to draw, and you can decorate them with stems, leaves, and tall trees to show a garden. 

Idea 9: Water Art

Chalk works great with water. You can draw vibrant rainbows on rainy days on the sidewalk and watch them come alive with the shallow water.

You can leave the rainbow as is or smudge the colors together to create a masterpiece or a disaster. 

Idea 10: Sea Town

Make the sea come alive with sea sand, sea leaves, and starfish floating on the sidewalk.

Complete the marine look with different colored fishes swimming about and a jellyfish or two. You can make this sea town on aqua blue paper. 

Idea 11: You and the Beanstalk

Create a fairytale beanstalk with leaves for climbing in your backyard or a concrete slab close to your house.

Draw a house on top, and you can pretend to climb it to reach the mansion at the top of the beanstalk that hides a golden goose. 

Idea 12: Chalk Butterfly 

Use different colors like pink, blue, red, purple, green, etc., to draw the wings and the antenna of the butterflies.

Then, have your kids lie in the middle where the body should be and take pictures.

You can also draw honeybees and other cute bugs on black paper and hang them up in your home. 

Idea 13: Draw Yourself

Have the children draw portraits of themselves on the sidewalk, concrete, or paper. They can lie down on the sidewalk, and you can mark the outline of their bodies.

Then, they can fill up the outlines with their features – how they look to themselves – in different colors. 

Idea 14: Fantasy Hopscotch 

Hopscotch is a game in which kids draw squares with chalk and write numbers on them. It’s a simple game, so why not add your fantastical twist to it.

Draw snakes and dragons that you have to avoid while jumping. You can add in a fairy tale castle and treasures.

Finally, you can make a themed hopscotch game.

Idea 15: Draw Animals 

You can draw dangerous or cute animals of your choice on the sidewalk to fool neighbors.

For example, you can draw a scary alligator with its mouth wide open or an adorable rabbit eating carrots.

Then, you’ll have your very own pet on the sidewalk.

Draw animals

Final Remarks

You can choose whichever chalk art ideas suit you and your skills.

You can use these chalk art ideas to add color to your house, the sidewalks, and the concrete near your home.

Moreover, you can use techniques like shading, water dipping, and layering to add more depth to your drawings.

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