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Miguel Quiles


Who is Miguel Quiles?

Miguel Quiles provides tutorials, behind-the-scenes videos, gear reviews, and everything else you need to take your work to the next level. He's taught on a variety of platforms including Adorama TV & Creative Live, and has appeared at major photography conferences such as WPPI, Shutterfest, Imaging USA, PPE, and many others.

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Miguel Quiles Photography
Located in Florida
Founded in 2012

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Kyla Hiwatig
Pending Validated
Unverified User
Dec 1, 2022
Review for Youtube
How has this benefited you?
Your contents on YouTube are EXTREMELY helpful! I'm amazed! Your thumbnails are also spot-on! It's something that I'll watch, too! The titles of your videos are also eye catching; not only it looks informative, but it also emphasizes words that'll catch people's attention– eg. "HACKS" as a aspiring photographer, if there's a video where the thumbnail is clearly edited and made very neat and precise, it's something that I can trust not to waste my time– The fact that the thumbnail is well edited, the title was decided well, the fact that these are HACKS that I can use, I'll click it! Great job!
What do you think could be better?
None! I believe his videos are great! I've watched his YouTube videos and scrolled through some of his accounts and they are all good! I saw that you are not that active on Facebook, though! You have 54k followers and it'll be a bummer if you don't post contents that much!