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Jessica Whitaker provides tutorials for amateur photographers. She provides a different approach to photography education: break it down step-by-step, highlight humility, deliver excellent customer service, and be an encouragement to everyone involved in the photography process.
(Omar Gonzalez Photography)
Omar Gonzalez loves spreading the joy of photography. He shoots mostly portraits and events and provides talks on photo gear, styles, philosophies, and techniques.
(Rebecca Carpenter Photography)
Rebecca Carpenter provides tips on wedding photography, elopements, travel, and business.
Tatyana Zadorin is a photographer located in Missouri in the United States. She is all about photography tutorials, editing tutorials and behind the Scenes.
(Eustace Photography)
Eustace Kanyanda provides tips on photography and photo editing.
Kayleigh June is a fashion and beauty photographer based between Melbourne & Sydney. She provides retouching and photography tutorials.
(Self Help Photographer)
Spyros Heniadis shares his passion and knowledge of photography with the world through fun videos to help you get the best out of your camera, and to improve your photographs by learning about composition, lighting, manual modes and more.
Karl Taylor became involved in the photography training market ten years ago after hosting lectures in photography and finding he had a knack for explaining the subject in an entertaining and understandable way. Since then Karl has become very passionate about his Training Series and is keen to demonstrate professional but achievable photography techniques in the simplest way possible.
(Photo Genius)
Paul Farris (Photo Genius) shares tips, tricks, tutorials and gear reviews to help you get more from your digital camera and be a better photographer.
(Alpha Creative Skills)
Mark Galer provides tips & techniques for mastering Sony Alpha cameras and photographic workflows.
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