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Nigel Danson is an avid lover of the great outdoors and landscape photography, and he enjoys sharing his adventures capturing stunning landscapes in both the UK and US. Through his educational content, he aspires to motivate and provide helpful tips and techniques for other...
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Mads Peter Iversen, a resident of Denmark, developed a strong passion for photography in 2011 and has been working as a full-time landscape photographer since 2016. He is an educated schoolteacher with a master's degree in educational philosophy. Although he experimented with...
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(Mark McGee Photos)
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Mark McGee, a London-based photographer, has been passionate about photography since he was a child. He became a professional photographer after completing his postgraduate degree with The British Academy of Photography. He has over 10 years of experience in shooting portraits...
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James Popsys is a photographer who specializes in travel and adventure photography. He creates educational content that focuses on landscape photography. What drives James is the process of developing an idea, scouting for locations, editing images, and having the courage to...
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Marc Silber is a highly experienced professional photographer, educator, and video producer who has devoted his life to the art of photography. He is the author of the best-selling book Advancing Your Photography and has won numerous international awards for his work. Marc's...
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Learn photography, share photography, discover photography with Jacques Gaines. Using his experience in photography, video, and music, he share his expertise, passion and love for visual arts. This channel features reviews of products that he use on a regular basis, livestreams...
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(Ehab Photography)
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Ehab Amin really loves photography & everything that comes with it, he is an imaginative, fresh, inspired photographer with a passion for beautiful landscapes, he is always thinking about photography. It never ends. His brain takes snapshots everywhere he goes and because of...
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Brendan van Son's work as a travel photographer has been featured by major publications such as The Guardian, The BBC, The Toronto Star, Nat Geo Traveler, and many more. He had the opportunity to work with clients like AXE, Travel Alberta, Volkeswagen, SanDisk, Canon, Marriott,...
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Come along with me as I embark on a captivating photography adventure, capturing breathtaking landscapes, mesmerizing seascapes, and mesmerizing astrophotography all across the United Kingdom. Delving beneath our feet, I also explore the captivating world of Macro photography....
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Matt Shannon is an inspired nature and landscape photographer living on Vancouver Island. His images have captured an international audience and his artwork hangs in homes around the world. He has developed a keen eye for detail and a passion for striking images. He is an...
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Learn Landscape Photography Online for Free

Learning landscape photography online for free has never been easier. There are hundreds of credible educational creators within the niche of landscape photography. We have compiled the best landscape photography educators on this page for you to browse through easily. Browse their offerings, see their reviews, and check out their content to learn from them!

What is Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography is the art of capturing vast spaces while simultaneously telling a story through this space. Landscape photography is a niche within the parent category of photography and is a beginner-friendly type of photography to get started with, but one that is also very hard to master. As we'll discuss later, being a good landscape photographer requires many skills outside of knowing how to use your camera effectively.

How to Learn Landscape Photography?

Beautiful landscapes exist all around us. From city landscapes, to ocean landscapes, to farm landscapes. But where do you start on your journey to photographing these landscapes? We've put together some steps that you should follow if you want to learn landscape photography effectively.

Landscape Photography Creators

The first way to learn landscape photography is through educational landscape photography creators, which you can find on this page! On this page, we've gathered the top educators within the niche of landscape photography. Many of them started out in your shoes, wanting to take landscape photos but not knowing where to begin. They eventually found their own way and now they're offering their own tips and advice on how to get better at landscape photography. Be sure to review the creators on this page, see their offerings, and check their ratings on their educational offerings to see what you should dive into first. There is nothing better than learning directly from the source.

Landscape Photography Books

The second way to learn landscape photography is through educational books, some written by the educational creators on this page! Books are a great source for learning landscape photography because most offer visuals that accompany the text so you can visually see what the author is describing. While we include books as a recommended way to learn landscape photography, sometimes you need more visual video content in order to effectively see the correct techniques implemented by landscape photographers, and that's why we still recommend learning from educational creators in the landscape photography niche.

Landscape Photography Paid Courses

The third way to learn landscape photography is through paid courses. Paid courses are an excellent way to learn the material from a given expert and have a sense of importance and urgency because you paid for the course. The beauty of today's current digital landscape (no pun intended) is that much of the content offered in paid courses is available for free online - you just have to find it. But that's where Imaginated comes into play, we've compiled and gathered the top educational creators in given niches so you can save time researching who to learn from.

Landscape Photography Blogs

The final way we recommend learning landscape photography is through blog content that you can find online. There are many great blogs talking about landscape photography, in fact, we have our own category of Landscape Photography Articles that you can check out.

How do You Get Into Landscape Photography?

Once you've decided on what learning path you want to go down when it comes to landscape photography, it's time to move on to the next step, which is taking your camera out and starting to photograph some landscapes! We've identified seven major steps that one has to take to get into landscape photography:


The first step when it comes to getting into landscape photography is an education first and foremost. This was already covered in the previous section, but once you feel like you've learned all you could about landscape photography, then it's time. By the way, you'll never feel "ready," but at some point, you just have to start taking photos.

Have an Understanding of Your Camera

The second step we recommend when it comes to getting into landscape photography is to have an understanding of the camera that you currently own. A big part of landscape photography is understanding the light around you and knowing how to balance the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO on your camera to capture the exposure you want. So while you don't need to become an expert in cameras, it is important that you understand how your camera operates - whether you will be taking photos with your phone, an entry-level DSLR camera, or an expensive high-end mirrorless camera. Knowing how your camera works is what's important.

Learn to Research Locations

The third step we recommend when it comes to getting started with landscape photography is to learn how to research locations around your area. In order to capture landscape photographs, you actually need a landscape to photograph. You may be distracted by the beautiful landscape you see on social media and think to yourself that you have no areas around you like that - but you'd be surprised! No matter where you live, there will be a landscape to photograph. Whether you live in the city, the suburbs, near the ocean, or on a farm, there will be landscapes. With that being said, learn how to look for locations around your area. You can either use location-based searching on social media or use a maps application to look at a birds-eye view of your location to find landscape locations. What you're looking for is a scene that has depth and will allow you to capture a scene that is vast while providing a foreground, middle ground, and background. And remember, not all landscape photography has to take place in the mountains or in the desert as you see online, it can take place standing on top of a roof, in any elevated place, or even in the street - just be careful and don’t place yourself in a spot that is dangerous in order to take a photo!

Stay Consistent

The fourth step we recommend to get into landscape photography is to stay consistent with your photographing. Once you capture your first landscape photo, then it's important that you stay consistent and keep capturing new landscape photos so you can keep practicing techniques and tips that you've learned online (such as from the educational creators on this page!)

Analyze Your Own Photos

The fifth step is to analyze your own photos, looking at the composition of your images, the colors, and the exposure. Compare your photos to other landscape photos that you like and notice the differences and similarities. What do you like about their photo that you don't recognize in your photo? When analyzing your own photos, it's important to remember that we can be our own biggest critics so be sure to go easy on yourself and celebrate the smallest of wins. Once you analyze what you want to improve in your landscape photography, the next time you go to photograph landscapes, try to implement what you told yourself you wanted to improve on.

Decide On Your Path

The sixth step when it comes to getting into landscape photography is to decide what path you want to go down with your landscape photography. For example,  do you want to specialize in just one type of landscape photography, such as sunset photography or night sky photography? Or do you want to remain general and explore all types of landscapes? Deciding on the path that you want to take with your landscape photos can help guide the type of content that you create, the techniques you use, and even the locations that you choose to photograph. Taking the time to decide on your path can help you become more focused and motivated when it comes to creating landscape photos and can even help you stand out in the long run! It's also a good time to think about whether or not you have an interest in making money with your landscape photos. If this is the case, then will you want to become a part-time landscape photographer who sells prints, become a full-time photographer for a company taking landscape photos, or even eventually become your own landscape photography educator and get listed on our directory? The point is, it's important to know where you want to go so you can start taking the appropriate steps on your landscape photography journey.

Create a Website

The seventh step is to create a website where you can share your landscape photos and even start to monetize them. Creating your own website allows you to have more control over how your photos are presented, and it's also much easier for potential buyers or clients to find you. Your website doesn't have to be fancy - just something simple with a portfolio page, a contact page, and a shop where you can showcase your prints. Once you create your website, it's important to start sharing your photos online so people can find them and follow your journey. Dedicate some time each week or month to actively promote your photos on social media channels. If you don't know where to even begin with creating a website, then be sure to check out our Photography Business subcategory as there are many creators who discuss how to create a photography website.

Skills Every Landscape Photographer Needs

Once you've taken your first steps into landscape photography, then it's important to also assess your own skillset and compare it to the skillset most top landscape photographers have. The skills every landscape should have include technical knowledge of their camera and the settings, post-processing skills for editing photos, composition knowledge, and even basic business skills if you're looking to monetize your photos. Take some time to assess where you currently stand in terms of those skills and start identifying areas that need improvement. For example,  if you're struggling with composition, then start reading up on the rules of composition and watch tutorials or join workshops that can help you. The same goes for other skills such as post-processing and business skills - be sure to take some time out of your week to research those topics so you can eventually perfect them over time. With enough dedication and practice, you can become a great landscape photographer! Remember to also assess your own progress over time as well. Every few months, set aside some time to look back on what you've achieved and what has changed in terms of your skill level or even the types of photos you're taking. This will help you stay on the right track and can even motivate you to stick to your goals.

Is it Hard to be a Landscape Photographer?

In short, yes, it is hard to become a successful landscape photographer. The fact that there are so many great photographers out there makes it difficult to stand out and be noticed. But if you’re passionate about the craft and willing to put in the time and effort, then the difficulty should not stop you from achieving your goal. The key is to stay consistent, learn from your mistakes, and create beautiful photos that tell stories. Always remember - it's going to take time and dedication to become a successful landscape photographer but the rewards in the end will be worth it!

Do Landscape Photographers Make Money?

Yes, landscape photographers do make money but the amount of money they make will depend on a variety of factors such as what type of photography they specialize in, their skill level, and the types of clients or buyers they have. If you want to make a living out of your photography business then it's important to be willing to put in the work and invest the time to build a strong portfolio, create an online presence, network with potential clients or buyers, and even learn basic business skills. Be sure to check out our Photography Business subcategory so you can see all the ways the photography educational creators have made a business for themselves.

Best People to Learn Landscape Photography From

There are many talented landscape photographers in the world. Many of them exist on this page, providing the highest quality educational landscape photography content, for free. In order to browse the landscape photography creators on this page optimally, we've put together a roadmap:

Read Their About Section

The first thing when landing on the Landscape Photography Subcategory page is to read the creators' About Sections. It's only about 2-4 sentences but reading this will give you a high-level overview of what they teach and who they are.

Check Their Reviews

Once you read their About Section, click on a creator and visit their Creator Profile, then check out the reviews the landscape photography creators have received. These reviews are on their educational offerings, and not them as an individual. By having these reviews, you can quickly and easily see what other users are saying about their offerings and whether they are good resources to learn from.

Check Where They've Been Featured

Once you read their reviews, it's also good to check out some of the websites and articles the creators have been featured in which you can find in the Featured In section.

Check Their Offerings

Once you've seen and read the articles they've been featured in, then explore their offerings. On their Creator Profile, you will find links to all of their popular social media channels. This makes it easy to see all of their platforms on one page. Instead of trying to find every place they produce content, it's easily presented to you on one page for you to go back to and visit.

Save Their Profile

Once you've found a creator you like learning from, be sure to sign up and create an account and save their profile. We will be adding extra features that will allow creators to add exclusive content to their Creator Profile page so by following them you will keep up to date on these developments!

Contribute to the Community

If you learn from a landscape photography creator, be sure to leave them a review and give feedback on their offerings so other learners can read about your experience learning from their offerings!