9 Simple Ways to Showcase Your Creative Work in 2023

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Are you someone who is exceptionally skilled in their work but couldn’t find a creative way to demonstrate it? Then you have landed at the right place.

We have curated this article with knowledge that could help you showcase your work creatively.

Whether you are a creative writer, web designer, photographer, journalist, researcher, engineer, or musician.

Everyone needs to figure out a way that could help them to express their work creatively.

Here are the best ways that can help to showcase your work creatively.

We’ll be covering the following topics (click on a bullet point to jump to that section):

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9 Ways to Showcase Your Creative Work

1. Canvas Prints

In this era of the digital world, where almost everything is available within mere clicks, showcasing your work through canvas prints will be proven beneficial in expected ways.

Suppose you’re a photographer and have canvas prints of your best work embossed at your workspace.

Then anyone visiting your workplace can see your work without even asking for it.

Canvas prints will express your work in a unique way that can win hearts.

Whether you are a photographer, a digital illustrator, or a painter, you can use canvas prints to showcase your work.

Even if you’re into a corporate job using canvas prints to showcase your recognition certificates will definitely add impact.

Getting your work printed in canvas prints from CanvasPop will be an excellent option.

Canvaspop will provide you with a variety of frames to choose from. You can have an option to choose the material and size of the frame.

Canvaspop will deliver the best quality product and you can even review the print before getting it shipped.

showcase creative work on canvas
canvas prints

2. Own A Website

We live in a digital era and finding a way that could help you to express your work digitally will be an intelligent choice.

Owning a website would be a great way to showcase your creative work digitally.

A website could serve as a whole package where you can post records of all your work, projects, etc.

You can even give your website an intimate touch by addressing your aspiration and your aims. It would leave an exceptional impression on your clients.

You can get as creative as you can with your own website.

Adding client testimonials can add value to your website.

Whether you’re a musician, designer, writer, or work in any other field, you should definitely own a website.

3. Behance

Yet another alternative to creatively showcase your work digitally is through Behance.

Owned by Adobe, Behance is a social media platform dedicated to showcasing and exploring creative work.

Currently helping over ten million people globally, Behance can work as your dedicated digital portfolio that can also work as a self-promotion strategy.

From interior designers to fashion ones, Behance is for all kinds of creatives.

You can even write a description of yourself and your work and add links to your other profiles.

You can display visuals of your craft and network with other experts globally.

4. Physical Displays

Possibly your work required physically observing or constructing things.

Suppose you are a potter and your craft is to make earthen vessels, then showcasing your work over a website would not be as effective as displaying physically.

Building small physical samples of your craft, such as artworks, archaeological discoveries, or other things, will best acknowledge you to express and explain what you have done.

For this type of portrayal, you can attract inspiration from gallery exhibits you have seen.

Include text, when potential, to illustrate the work or your explanation behind building it.

5. YouTube

Youtube is an online video-sharing platform that you could use to express yourself creatively.

You can own a YouTube channel and begin sharing your creative videos with the world.

In today’s world, YouTube has been the most trusted choice by many creators to express their work globally.

YouTube is a magnificent exhibition for animators, filmmakers, generators, cinematographers, and even voice artists, who desire to utilize the world’s largest video-sharing platform as a mode to express their work.

On top of this, YouTube is owned by Google, which will give you the extra perk of making your videos effortlessly searchable over the web.

youtube icon

6. DeviantART

Yet another creative way to showcase your work is through DeviantART.

If you are engaged in visual arts, then DeviantART can be the best choice for you.

It is a social network for visual creators.

Photographers, animators, graphic designers, digital illustrators, and also literary creators can express the visible depiction of their most exceptional art.

DeviantArt also promotes various interacting groups, which means you can communicate with the other artists of your respective profession and build your connections.

DeviantArt will not only help you to showcase your work but also open opportunities to grow. You can even trade your artwork through DeviantArt.

7. Organize Workshops

Whether you are working in a small organization or a part of a big one, identifying possibilities to express your work through educating others will allow your work to leave a lasting impression.

Teaching society associations, scholars, or experts can enable you to yield your information and work with those outside your business or field expanding its broader impact.

Often these experts or social associations are able to employ this information promptly in their everyday work, so you can more clearly see the impression of your craft.

Workshops often send a positive message to society.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the world’s best portfolio sites providing seekers with the perfect platform to showcase their work.

Craft your profile uniquely, be creative with the data you present, and keep updating your profile with the latest projects so that the information doesn’t seem outdated.

If you’re into writing, scripting, and other areas in the same field then you can use LinkedIn to your best.

You can add links to your work, and a description to the publication section of your profile.

LinkedIn even allows you to add files.

So, if you are a musician, designer, or involved in any other creative field, upload your files and showcase them on LinkedIn.

9. Decorating Workspace

Creatively decorating your workspace with things that could speak of your work will add impact.

Put small samples of your work, or the awards or the certificates you received, the things that will indirectly express your craft.

Imagine you are visiting an interior designer workplace and you find their workplace appealing and attractive to your sight.

So just by observing their workplace, you will figure out how good their work is. Hence, decorating your workspace is yet another creative way to showcase your work.

I hope this article will help you to find a way to showcase your work creatively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to showcase creative work?

Showcasing creative work is important because it allows individuals to express themselves, share their unique perspectives, and inspire others. It can also help to build a portfolio or brand, gain recognition and opportunities, and contribute to the cultural and artistic landscape.

What is creative work?

Creative work refers to any form of artistic or imaginative expression, such as writing, painting, music, filmmaking, graphic design, photography, videography, etc.. It is characterized by originality, innovation, and the use of imagination to produce something new and unique.