How to Sell Photography Prints

March 20, 2023 by

This is a helpful guide discussing the topic of selling photography prints.

Let’s be honest; photography is pricey.

Cameras, maintenance, and many other accessories can take a significant amount of money.

It becomes no surprise that photographers need some more money to sustain and upgrade their gear. And the best way to make money is too…

Sell their prints!

Let’s dive in.

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Why You Should Sell Photography Prints

Money and fame.

Making money through selling photography prints will earn you extra money and a chance to make your name known.

If your pictures are good, people will start talking about you, and a following will develop, and with that comes more money!

The cycle continues and continues. Plus, knowing that your photo is on someone’s wall just feels good and boosts your confidence as a photographer!

But, before discussing how to sell prints of your photos, you need a platform. A marketplace, website, a gallery? Which one should you choose?

photography prints
photography prints

Where to Sell Your Photography Prints?

Where to sell your photography prints?

Well, that’s a great question, which leads to another question. Where do you want it to be?

There is no best way to sell prints as a photographer, but we can help you consider some factors.

You could try to sell them on an existing platform, or you could try making a personal website and selling them from there.

If you were wondering how to sell photography prints online and how to make money selling photography prints, I will cover some examples in this section!

1. Marketplaces

Popular marketplaces include Freepik, Etsy, Adobe Stock, and many others. These are your best option if you don’t have astounding marketing skills or reputation.

Most of them offer royalty fees, although they charge you a flat monthly fee. But it surely is worth it!

To give you an example of how most marketplaces work, let’s talk about Adobe Stock.

2. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock serves as a stock photo service by… Adobe.

They offer 60 million high-quality images, which can also be accessed by tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Each photo costs less than a dollar, but they offer monthly and annual subscription packages to make things easier.

They also make searching images easier, resulting in you getting better photos, faster. They also boast about how good your workflow becomes.

On Adobe Stock, you won’t have to worry about how to price photography prints.

They will accept and review your photos themselves, making your life easier. You won’t get a large sum of money from each sale, but they do add up.

If you upload an image and say you earn 50 cents from it, if 50 people bought your image, you will then get 25 dollars!

photography gallery example
photo printed out

3. Website

“Then why give yourself the hassle of building a website?” you may ask, well building a website makes things more.. controlled.

Building a personal website allows you to control sales and interactions with clients! Clients play a big role in your sale, which makes engagement with them more profitable.

Plus, having a good website attracts even more customers, and gives you that extra professional look.

But, all of that still requires time and money to create, sustain, and advertise. Even the domain providers will charge you a monthly fee.

Big names in the business are (but are not limited to): Squarespace and Envira.

So, how does Envira work?


Regularly used by many photographers on their own WordPress websites.

Although it only serves as a plug-in, they give photographers the freedom to create unlimited galleries for any use, which is perfect for artists interested in selling photography prints!

It can, however, be a little tricky to first set up, but becomes worth the trouble to learn if you would like to develop your career in photography, or maybe just for documentation of your work and progress.

envira gallery

4. Galleries

How to sell prints of your photos at those big galleries? Does it require five years of experience working with NatGeo while picturing landscapes with high-end cameras?

First of all, you will need to create a portfolio. Create a theme for a variety of customers, and showcase your best photos that are professionally printed.

The best portfolio should give off a good impression.

Secondly, visit the galleries! Strike a deal and get the idea of how much you’ll earn, their estimated price, etc.

Do take note that you would need the right portfolio for the right gallery, adjust accordingly, and move on if they are not your target audience.

Lastly, if you fail to strike a deal… then keep your chin up! There are still many platforms that can help in selling photography prints. So, gather your portfolio and keep searching!

That pretty much concludes how different platforms will help you in selling photography prints, and some are better than the latter.

The choice is in your hands.

gallery of photos

How Can I Earn Money From My Photography?

Depending on the platform you are selling it from, the quality of the picture, and the materials needed to print it, the price may vary.

These variables are important in determining how to price photography prints.

The best way to sell prints as a photographer in the current situation is through websites and social media.

This may not be easy, but it pays off in the long run.

Customize your website and make it optimal for selling photography prints. The easier it is for the client to purchase your picture, the more sales you will get!

Speaking of easier steps, you should consider searching for printing services. Regardless of whether it is local or online, you need to closely follow their color matching and screen calibrations.

What Kind of Photography Prints Sell?

Well, in the world of selling photography prints… Everything sells! Landscape, black and white, specialized photography, the list just goes on.

People love buying photography prints, especially for gallery walls.

Assuming that you have already reached a part where your photographs look amazing, you should already have your own certain niche!

Knowing your market plays a significant role, so use some time to conduct some research!

If you haven’t found your niche, then figure out what type of photography you like to take and get good at it.

Aim to the point you stand out against your rivals. Only then it’s guaranteed that your prints will fetch high prices.

photography prints on a wall
prints on a wall

Concluding Remarks

The goal of this “how to sell photo prints” should be pretty clear now, to help you make extra money by recommending several platforms while briefly explaining why they should be used.

Selling photography prints can be as simple as publishing images onto Adobe Stock, or can be complicated as visiting local galleries to sell your photographs.

Although there may be preferences, every kind of photo print can be sold.

If you haven’t found your niche and just enjoy taking general photos, consider marketplaces like Adobe Stock.

If you have a niche and want to be more professional with your artwork and client, consider making a website using Envira as a plug-in or Squarespace.

If you are confident that your photographs are on par with those in local galleries, then go for it! Search around local galleries and see how you can fit yourself in there.

With free time and your camera ready to roll, it won’t hurt to try different services based on your liking. So, go ahead and give it a go.

Good luck!