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Facebook Cover Photo Sizes

August 31, 2023 by

Want to upload a new Facebook cover photo or perhaps edit a current one but you are having trouble with the sizing?

We’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing Facebook cover photos.

We’ll be covering the following topics (click on a bullet point to jump to that section):

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Best Facebook Cover Photo Size

According to Facebook’s Help Center, your cover photo displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on your Page on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones.

Your Facebook cover photo must also be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.

With that being said, it’s recommended that you use the dimensions of 820px wide by 360 pixels tall and to ensure the text and graphics you have are kept in the middle “safe area.”

facebook cover photo size dimensions
cover photo dimensions

Best File Type for Facebook Cover Photos

According to Facebook, the best file type when it comes to your Facebook cover photos can be both a JPG file and a PNG file.

Use a JPG file if your Facebook cover photo is a picture of something and a PNG if your Facebook cover photo is mainly a logo or text.

JPGs load fastest as an sRGB JPGs file that is 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall, and less than 100 kilobytes.

For cover photos with logos or text in them, you may have better results with a PNG.

jpg vs png

Facebook Mobile Cover Photo Dimensions

When it comes to your Facebook Mobile cover photo, you can’t pick a separate photo to fit the dimensions of mobile.

Because of this, we recommended the 820px wide by 360 pixels tall dimensions as mentioned earlier.

By keeping your main text and graphics in that safe area in the middle, it will ensure it shows up on both desktop and mobile.

facebook mobile cover photo size
cover photo on mobile

Facebook Cover Photo Ideas

We now know the proper dimension of a Facebook cover photo, but you may be wondering what to actually include in your cover photo.

Should it be a logo? Should it be a picture? Should it just be text?

Let’s dive into some ideas:

1. Show your favorite picture

The first idea for your Facebook cover photo is to show your favorite picture.

If you are just using Facebook as a regular user and not as a business then this is the option most people will choose.

This is the route I went with my own personal Facebook page.

The rest of the tips are for businesses/companies or personal brands.

2. List out logo or mission statement

The second idea is to just list out your mission statement along with your logo, just your logo, or also just your mission statement.

If it is a newer company and not that many people know what you do, this is a good option.

It is the default option. This is the route we currently use with our brand-new Facebook Group.

imaginated facebook logo
company logo in cover photo

3. Advertise upcoming events

The third idea is to advertise an upcoming event that you may have.

For example, if there is a webinar, conference, or content that is coming up, then you should promote it in your Facebook cover photo to let users know about the event.

facebook cover photo idea
advertise upcoming events in cover photo

4. Feature a user testimonial/quote

The fourth idea for a Facebook cover photo is to feature a user testimonial or quote related to your product or service.

By showing this testimonial in your cover photo, it will be instant social proof to the users who land on your Facebook page.

And as we know, social proof is very important in this day and age. In fact, 83% of people trust reviews over advertising.

5. Demonstrate a product feature or benefit

The 5th idea for a Facebook cover photo could be to demonstrate a product feature or benefit.

For example, if you offer a tool that removes a background to make it transparent in 3 steps.

You may want to create a little 3-step illustration and make it as your Facebook cover photo to showcase what you do.

facebook cover photo idea
demonstrate product feature in cover photo

6. Show off store or office

The 6th idea is to show off your store location or office space.

If you are a local business owner then you may want to show off your store location and the aesthetics.

For example, if you own a local coffee shop, you may want your Facebook cover photo to be the inside of your coffee shop so users can see how nice and aesthetically pleasing it looks so they will want to come inside and work or drink coffee.

7. Promote an upcoming product

The 7th idea is to promote an upcoming product that may be in the works.

For example, a company that often does this is Apple.

They change their cover photo each time a new product is going to be released to get users excited about it.

facebook cover photo product
promote upcoming product in cover photo

8. Feature team members or employees

The 8th idea for your Facebook cover photo is to feature team members or employees.

If you are a company during a hiring surge and are looking for new employees, you may want to showcase featured team members or employees on your cover photo.

It can include a testimonial with them saying how they love working at the company.

Having this cover photo will humanize the business and promote the community.

This idea also works without the need for new hires.

For example, let’s say you are a small business dedicated to sustainability, you may want to showcase the employees behind the business to humanize the company and add to the brand image.

The Importance of Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook cover photos are one of the first things that users see when they land on your Facebook page, Facebook group, or Facebook business page.

With that being said, you’ll want to make a good first impression.

You’ll want a Facebook cover photo that is not blurry or pixelated and one that aligns with your brand image.

If you’ve ever been wondering how to get the proper dimensions and photo size for your Facebook cover photo both on desktop and mobile, then this guide is for you.

facebook cover photo size
cover photo

Common Facebook Cover Photo Mistakes

Now that we’ve covered some ideas for Facebook cover photos, let’s dive into some of the most common mistakes.

1. Improper Sizing

The first common mistake when it comes to Facebook cover photos is improper sizing.

Most users don’t size their cover photo properly so they are left with a cropped or pixelated-looking cover photo.

If you are a business or a personal brand that does this, it doesn’t look very professional!

Luckily, after reading this guide, you should know the proper sizing and dimensions for Facebook cover photos and more.

facebook cover improper sizing
proper sizing

2. Too Much Text

The second mistake people make with Facebook cover photos is having too much text.

Text is great, especially if it helps further enhance your cover photo, however having a cover photo that is lines and lines of text may not be so great.

Remember, it is a cover photo, not a post within an image. Use text to help the image but the cover photo should be able to speak for itself.

3. Cluttered

The third mistake people make with Facebook cover photos is choosing a cover photo that is too cluttered.

Cluttered in the sense that there are a lot of colors and too many things to look at.

A good Facebook cover photo has a singular focal point that will allow the person looking at the cover photo to instantly understand what to focus on.

4. Choosing a Generic Cover Photo

The fourth mistake people make with their Facebook cover photo is choosing a generic photo.

The purpose of a cover photo is to stand out to those viewing your page or group.

Choosing a generic image that does not further enhance the story you are trying to tell with your brand or image just doesn’t have the same impact.

5. Not Aligning with Brand

On the same topic of brand image, the 5th mistake is choosing a cover photo that doesn’t align with your brand.

When picking a cover photo, you want to ask yourself if the photo matches the personality and image of the brand you are trying to convey.

For example, if you have a Facebook page dedicated to your wedding photography brand that captures light and glowy images, you don’t want to pick a cover photo that is dark and bleak — it wouldn’t align with your brand.

align with brand

Where to Find Facebook Cover Photos

If you want to find a great Facebook cover photo there are lots of resources online you can use.

For example, you can use Adobe’s resources to create a Facebook cover.

If you want to find a photo image, you can use free stock image sites such as Unsplash and Pexels and then you can do some basic edits adding text and such using Canva.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on Facebook cover photos and learned something new!