Robyn Scherer

Robyn Scherer is a passionate photographer, dedicated mother of three, and loving partner to her soul mate of many years. Robyn’s enthusiasm for life is only matched by her passion for photography, with a special fondness for capturing the vibrancy of teens and the warmth of family connections. She believes in celebrating the pivotal moments in life, like the transition a high school senior makes from the carefree days of youth to the cusp of adulthood. Robyn understands the transient nature of these moments and is dedicated to encapsulating them in snapshots that will endure long after the caps are tossed into the air. Families are a central theme in her work, as she cherishes the opportunity to immortalize the fleeting moments of childhood, from the patter of little feet to the quiet chaos of a full family home. With Robyn behind the lens, every giggle, hug, and quirky family tradition is transformed into a beautiful tableau, preserving the present as a gift for the future. Robyn Scherer is more than a photographer; she's a storyteller who uses her camera to weave a tapestry of memories, ensuring that no milestone or everyday wonder is forgotten. If you want to learn senior portrait photography, be sure to check out her course "Mastering the Art of Senior Photography."

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